The Rebel Path: Marion’s Three Freebirths

Season #7

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Marion joins me on the show today to share her sweet undisturbed birthing stories of her three children. Each of her stories is incredibly unique, and a beautiful example of where intuition can guide a woman when she refuses to be influenced by the industrial obstetrics complex. Marion birthed her first baby, who was transverse until the very end, completely outside of the system in an 1800s cabin in the woods, with an unexpected and beautifully sweet new friend supporting her in birth. Marion’s second birth took place in a teepee outside of the schoolbus she was living in, with women from her community singing to her from outside in the rain, with just her partner and son to witness. Her most recent birth is a powerful story of passionate love and how being with a partner that you are in true, genuine union with can deeply change the experience of birth. Marion is a trailblazer of her own life, following her own compass in every step of the way - from choosing to skip birth certificates for her babies, taking one year to name her baby, and claiming radical responsibility in all circumstances of her life… It was such a joy to hear her perspective on the world through her birth stories. Here’s what you’ll hear in Marion’s story:

✨️How finding freebirth Facebook groups became her primary resource for research and support, and gave her the confidence she needed

✨️How her first baby was transverse until the very end, and how she knew he would turn during labor, and he did!

✨️How Marion’s friend came over to deliver a mattress and ended up staying for her entire labor, supporting her with encouraging words and singing medicine songs

✨️How she lived in a school bus during her 2nd pregnancy and her community put up a teepee for her to birth in, complete with a little bell she would ring if she needed something

✨️The sweet image of her pacing the birth teepee while in labor, being sung to by her community of women from outside, and the rain coming down

✨️How her third birth she was supported by a partner she was in love with and the uplevel this offered even though all her previous births were peaceful and undisturbed

✨️Her blissful postpartums that were fully supported by community, food, and love!

✨️How Marion has never put her children in diapers by practicing elimination communication and presence through attachment parenting

✨️How Marion didn’t get birth certificates for her first two children, but has since changed her mind and is now going through the process

✨️How she has taken 6 months up to a year to name each of her children, waiting for a name to drop in!

✨️How women can’t get out of the responsibility of their births regardless of where it happens, and who is in charge

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