The only podcast for the new paradigm.

Join us as we deconstruct and dissect the dynamics of industrial midwifery and obstetrics, and teach the core concepts and skills for the truly sovereign midwife.
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Our *exclusive* podcast The Calling includes:

A Private Podcast Season 

Emilee & Yolande's most insightful live classes and lectures on all-things radical midwifery, attending births outside the system, and starting your own birth keeping business.

Human Rights in the Industrial Birth Complex and the Myth of "Informed Consent"

Learn the truth about how things really go down in medicalized birth, and why "informed consent" is never enough for preserving basic human rights.

8 Pillars of Authentic Midwifery

We'll discuss the foundational ethics and pillars that separate authentic, sovereign midwifery from medical & licensed midwifery.

The History and Paths of Midwifery

Journey across time to learn the real history of midwifery, what "midwifery" means today, and how to define yourself as a birth keeper beyond the system.

This is no ordinary birth podcast: The Calling will blow your mind. Hosted by Emilee Saldaya and Yolande Norris-Clark, two of the birth world’s most radical and inspiring leaders, this is the only podcast dedicated to sovereign midwifery for the new paradigm.

The Calling is a deep dive and a TELL ALL. During each episode, Em and Yo will be sharing their mistakes, their personal stories, how they use the self mastery tools, their business breakthroughs, and what they have learned over the course of a collective 40+ years in birth-work. 

In this first season, episodes will alternate between a selection of our most insightful live classes and radical midwifery lectures.

The Calling is going to challenge you, inspire you, and enlighten you. Listen along as Emilee and Yolande speak truth to power and deconstruct and dissect the dynamics of industrial midwifery and obstetrics, along with celebrating (and teaching) some of the core concepts and skills foundational for practicing as a truly sovereign midwife. 

Emilee Saldaya and Yolande Norris-Clark

are the dynamic power couple of the sovereign birth world.

As leading voices in their fields, with over 40 years of combined expertise, Emilee and Yolande are blazing the trail of the birth liberation movement as it proliferates across the planet.
 With a passionate dedication to teaching women and birth workers everywhere how to step forward and co-create what they have coined as The Sovereign Birth Paradigm.

Their professional relationship (and best friendship) began in 2017 and quickly evolved into collaborating on creating the bestselling online course The Complete Guide to Freebirth. Released in 2018, the Complete Guide to Freebirth has reached over 10,000 women and families, and remains the most popular and comprehensive childbirth education program available. 

In the wake of the epic success of The Complete Guide to Freebirth, the two women immediately saw the need to share their knowledge of authentic birth keeping more widely. The launch of The Radical Birth Keeper School in 2020 finally offered aspiring independent midwives an integral, effective container and training program. 

Women flocked to the RBK School from every corner–including medical midwives, OB/GYNs, institutional doulas, and those new to birth-work–all eager to learn and implement the skills required to support their sisters with integrity, and to take their place in the professional realm of independent birth. Since its inception, the RBK School has sold out every round, and there are now over 500 graduates from 30 different countries walking the path of sovereign birth-keeping.

Constantly innovating, Emilee and Yolande are continuously building new opportunities for sharing the transformation available when women step into true devotion to their individual power and the power of sisterhood. 

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