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Here, we share the story medicine of wild women around the world who have left the industrial birth complex behind - and birthed entirely free, without medical providers.

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Emilee Saldaya is a thought-leader, fiery truth-teller, and true powerhouse in the women’s liberation movement. She is the founder of Free Birth Society, a global women's community and education platform that has made massive waves in the birth world. Emilee is a radical birth educator, birth witness, women's elevation coach, and the co-creator of the acclaimed Radical Birth Keeper School. Her approach is warm, kind, ferocious, and transformational, giving women the spacious witnessing that supports them to take radical responsibility and up-level their life.

Listening to these women speak about the trauma they endured in the system, and how they were able to find the strength in courage to know there was a different way for us to birth and follow it, changed how I view birth, life, death, and women in general. We are so powerful, and these stories allow you to FEEL just how powerful in such an intimate way. Thank you women for sharing.”


“Every episode of this show provides something new to learn: women's invaluable personal shares, story telling on a wide range of topics, educational episodes, and more. If you're about this life, and want to live a healthy life for you and your family and heal from trauma, this podcast is a must listen!”


This podcast has completely changed my perspective on all things conception, pregnancy, birth, postpartum and beyond! This is truly a radical space for women to share experiences and empower one another. 

The FBS challenges mainstream paradigms, critiques the medical system, and amplifies voices of game changing mothers and birth keepers. The negative reviews of this show reflect that this podcast is actually saying something, rocking the boat, and being the change that is needed! This show is unapologetically speaking truth for the benefit of women, children, and our collective future.”  

Now, you can watch full video interviews on YouTube! 

“Where would I be without this podcast? I kept seeing signs that I was to freebirth, and this podcast gave me the confidence I needed to follow my intuition.  To be able to hear the stories of the women who walked the sovereign path before me was everything.  This podcast also showed me what kind of birthworker I am.  After realizing the kind of birth worker I was, I knew deep in my soul I had no place in the system.  This podcast gave me the language for my passion in birth.  Thank you.  Your work has changed my life forever.”


“After two, very medicalized births, I took matters into my own hands with my third.  I birthed him on my own in a bathtub despite everyone telling me I was crazy.  My birth was the best memory of my life.  It was exactly how birth should be.  Your podcasts inspired me and helped me feel confident.  Every week I would listen to a podcast and sit quietly and envision their stories as my own, and I believe their positive stories put me in the perfect mindset during my birth.”


“The women on your podcast have reflected my own power back to me.  You all have made me feel less alone, not quite as crazy, and way more comfortable to be the wild woman I have always been, but was too afraid to let out.  I would not be who I am today without all of the amazing women I have had the honor of witnessing through the FBS podcast.  I am forever grateful.”



Want to be friends? Our inner circle is where me, my team,  and a lot of the women from your favorite podcast episodes are hanging out.  Not to mention 11+ monthly circles and a private directory of Radical Birth Keepers in your area!

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