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The Freebirth Starter Kit is the most comprehensive and valuable free resource we have ever created, and it will guide you through everything you need to know as you enter our world of sovereign pregnancy, birth, and motherhood.

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The Freebirth Starter Kit is THE most valuable free resource we have to offer. It is a collection of life-changing, earth-shattering information that is literally changing the way women think about their entire lives.  

This highly-curated collection of educational and inspiring resources from Emilee Saldaya, the leader of the sovereign birth revolution, is packed full of information that will support you on your mothering journey - whether you're just noticing a curiosity about birthing at home, or you're a 3x freebirther who wants deeper education.

Here’s what's inside:

A downloadable eBook with 50 real stories of women birthing outside the system.

Told in their own words and with their gorgeous birth photos. You'll read about wild twin births, breech births, FBACs (freebirths after cesarean), first-time-moms, and so much more. Get ready - these stories will bring you to joyful tears.

A PDF guide to our globally-reaching podcast.

(which has over 5 million downloads!) Use this guide so you know which episodes to start with, which will be the most helpful & informative, and which are absolute MUST-listens. 

Over three hours of direct teachings from our founder, Emilee Saldaya.

Including video workshops covering what freebirth is (and isn't), DIY prenatal care, preparing your partner and your home for a sovereign birth, and more.

A workshop library full of life-changing information for your path to freebirth.

In the 3+ hours of videos directly from Emilee Saldaya, 
you'll learn:

  • What freebirth really is (and what it isn't), and helpful information to support your process in deciding what's right for you.

  • The different options available to all pregnant women within the Sovereign Birth Paradigm

  • How to navigate the multitude of "what ifs", how to make decisions from education and groundedness, and how to understand what is "normal" within yourself.

  • Partner and family preparation, ensuring a harmonious and supportive birthing environment with you as the sole authority of your experience.

  • DIY Prenatal care outside the medical system, enabling you to experience the subtle shifts of pregnancy as a sacred and fully integrated part of life.

  • How to care for the umbilical cord, birthing a placenta physiologically at home, and how to support your breastfeeding relationship with baby from the beginning.

  • The core principals of a healthy, well-nourished postpartum, and how to create a blissful sanctuary for you and baby in the weeks following birth.

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The Freebirth Starter Kit is available to you, right now. You'll access 3+ hours of Emilee Saldaya's teachings on pregnancy, birth, and postpartum beyond the medical system, a curated collection of sovereign birth stories in a gorgeous eBook, and an exclusive guide to our podcast - pointing you to the most important and helpful episodes that will prepare you for birthing in power.

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“I only got maybe, 25% through the Starter Kit before I ended up just purchasing the Complete Guide (already 25-30% complete with the course).

I couldn’t have found the Free Birth Society at a better time in my journey so thank you for your fearless and unapologetic physical and digital presence, it is a blessing."

- Clarissa Malhiot

"I got the starter kit, thank you so much for this resource. I am in the midst of my first pregnancy, choosing a wild one, and a freebirth. (Thanks to your podcast!) My husband and I just moved across the world, from America, to my husband's homeland of Australia and didn't have the funds to purchase me into the FBS group. I appreciate you and your work so much and hope to be a part of the group in the future.

My mother in law voices her fears over free birth and wild pregnancy often, mostly to my husband now since I've challenged it every time she tries with me, she even sends us bs news articles about it! It's been wonderful to watch these with my husband, as they comfort him greatly. (he loves knowledge) So far we've only watched the first two or three, but I loved hearing about your flags of three. We are watching another tonight and I will let you know if there are any new favorites. Thank you so much again!

- Lindsay

The number one thing I know this and your insights and knowledge will give me is the confidence I’ve lacked on giving birth at home without medical interventions, the fear that was instilled in my with my first pregnancy was deeply programmed into me but I have relinquished SO much fear and worry because of your free birth society Instagram page. I cry every time I read a post or watch a birthing video.

I truly thank you for this starter kit and all the information you share and the mission you are about. From the bottom of my heart you’ve saved me and I mean that! I’m around 11 weeks pregnant with my second baby currently (I had a personal choice to have a C-section with my first 9 years ago- I was very uneducated) and before I found your page I was riddled with anxiety and pure fear and did not want to give birth in a hospital setting again. The fear had ruined my pregnancy experience this go round but YOU have changed that! I have an entirely new outlook and I know I can trust my body to do what she does best.

I just followed your podcast and I can’t wait to dig in to this starter kit and much more that you provide. Again I truly thank you Emilee for saving me and waking me up from my fears."

- Roxanne Williams

Thank you so much for providing the free starter kit. It was just what I needed. I binged it yesterday and will re-listen over the next few weeks. I am a repeat c-section (all of which were for absolutely no reason other than I was young and uneducated) mama that has been given no other choice by the medical establishment I have access to but to have another C-section. I am due next month and absolutely refuse to believe that is my only option.

I was already a firm believer in your teachings that I was literally created to give birth, but having zero support from the people around me, your videos were exactly the reassurance I needed at this vulnerable time. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for providing this free resource. "

- Stephanie Sanders

Thank you so much as you and your organization are the only things keeping me sane during my pregnancy. I’ve watched all your videos in the starter kit and probably about 15-16 of the podcasts so far on YouTube. I plan to listen to all of those podcasts!

I’d just like to thank you for all of the information you’ve given me access to. It’s keeping me grounded and confident that I can do this. I can bring my baby boy into this world without risk of anyone sabotaging my birth. No artificial hormones, no fingers in my vagina, no taking baby from me immediately after I bring him through this portal God has blessed me with. I am speaking positivity into existence; this WILL be one of the greatest experiences of my life."

- Amanda Galpin

With the Freebirth Starter Kit I am studying every day with your most important podcasts and it is so eye-opening. I feel the urge to talk about it, to change something in that world.

​It is so incredible to see how the lies have been spread amongst women and how they give away their power to others like doctors and midwives. Warm greetings from Norway."

- Agnes