When Cord Prolapse and Footling Breech Births Are Normal with Carlee Moon

Season #7

When Cord Prolapse and Footling Breech Births Are Normal with Carlee Moon

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Today we will hear the 3 incredible freebirth stories of the absolutely divine Carlee Moon, who truly moved the needle of what mainstream birth culture would define as even possible, really, in each one of her births. From a first freebirth in her teepee in Oregon, to a footling breech birth with a whole lot of meconium, to a 45-minute long cord prolapse with even more meconium, all experienced entirely intuitively, at home, without medical supervision… Carlee has truly pushed the limits of what even many freebirthers would be comfortable with, and she did so guided by the strong, in-tact intuition of an embodied mother. Carlee is one of those epic women who chose freebirth without ever having heard the term beforehand, or knowing anyone else on that path. She speaks about never feeling fear around her pregnancies or births, despite being a self-proclaimed “anxious person”. 

Here’s what you’ll hear from Carlee…

  • How Carlee had never even heard of freebirth when she first became pregnant - it was her partner’s idea, and she knew it was right.
  • How Carlee went to a local birth clinic when she first became pregnant and was sent home with plan B and condoms 
  • The straightforward and simple story of her first birth, with an entirely sovereign 23-hour labor
  • Her second freebirth story, where her daughter was born footling breech, and how she intuitively hooked her other foot out without prior education around breech birth
  • How it took her daughter 6 minutes to fully land in her body, and 10 minutes to get noisy
  • Her spiritual and health revolution after her second postpartum, including her incredible experience at Matriarch Rising Festival
  • How she managed an infection at 40 weeks pregnant with her third baby entirely outside the medical system using garlic!
  • The story of her third freebirth, involving a 45-minute umbilical cord prolapse (literally, 2 feet of umbilical cord hanging out of her!), and the intuitive decisions she made during the process
  • How both her second and third births involved lots of meconium but she never worried for her babies’ safety
  • How her births would have been deemed medically high risk, undeliverable, and ended in surgery if she had engaged in the system 


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