The Blood Mysteries School

Initiating You into the Sacred Secrets of Womanhood
The Blood Mysteries School has properly re-initiated over 100 women across the world in stepping into their roles as wise women of the new paradigm.

They confidently embarked on this sacred, immersive, educational journey to learn the depths of female physiology, fertility, and how to support thriving health through radical cycle wellness, and so can you.

Are you ready to claim your place among us? We welcome you.

"I feel as though I answered a call from deep within me to gain this knowledge and was guided by my grandmothers throughout each step. I have learned that when we heal things within us, we heal backwards and forwards in our lineage as well. I am honored to have been called to work on the healing of my lineage."
"The school was absolutely everything that I wanted and I needed. Kristin and Nancy bring such a beautiful balance to the work that is so needed."

Natalie Elliott
Women's Health Coach

"This is definitely not another FAM training - this is a really in-depth journey around women's physiology and women's life cycles and rites of passage. I learned so much from Nancy about rituals and ceremony that I can bring to my community. From Kristin, this whole aspect of Chinese Medicine that I had no idea about, really complementing what I bring to the women I work with."

Houyem Mahfoudi
Women's Health Coach & Radical Birth Keeper

"I have never felt more alive in my body than I do now and it's because I live in alignment with my cycle. We are such multifaceted women that of course each phase is going to brings its own lessons, its own gifts, its own hormonal matrix. This is an amazing course, and I highly recommend it."

Alexandra Cloyd
Menstrual Cycle Mentor

"My life has improved so much, in so many ways, because of the YES that I had for this school, and I would wholeheartedly recommend it for any practitioner, because your life will not only be changed on a professional level, but also on a personal level.
I am forever grateful for this program."
"I learned all of the wisdom about my own body that I had never been taught, and I learned how to share that wisdom with other women. I also got the confidence to start my own business, create my own website, and solidify my offerings to the world."

Hilarie Samei
Cycle Mentor & Herbalist

"I would recommend this school to women of any age, because you may be finished bleeding, but you're not finished being a woman."

Martha Wasserman
Radical Birth Keeper

"I got everything that I wanted, but I also got so much more. This program is truly magical. The sisterhood, the quality of women that I met, and the depth of energetic understanding of our female bodies was life-changing."

Sparrow Valdetarro
Women's Health Specialist and Bodyworker

"This is an initiation no one else is offering."

"Through this journey I was able to heal so many former issues. I learned the signs and symptoms that my body was showing me, and really began to understand what that meant."

Carlee Modra
Entrepreneur and Mother

 "The Blood Mysteries School was so much more than I could have imagined. There was nothing about the course I did not love. The other women with me were so beautiful and amazing and shared so much wisdom; I was in awe. The connection and support between us was tangible on every call and I believe I have made lifelong friends.

Nancy and Kristin poured so much of themselves into the work and held space with such containment that it felt educational, emotional and entirely safe and sacred at the same time. I think every woman on that course went through a metamorphosis. I certainly did.

The back end of the course was full of wisdom that can be used to take out into the community, things I would never have come across were it not for the course. I am a practicing herbalist but there were things I learned from the school that have been completely left out of all other teachings I have encountered. It's a treasure trove beyond my wildest dreams."

- Kim

 "I am actively taking clients as a cycle coach and rite of passage facilitator, and will soon be offering classes on Fertility Awareness Method.

BMS absolutely prepared me for leading circles and offering rite of passage facilitation. It’s given me the tools and blueprint to invite women into a meaningful and beautiful relationship to womanhood. I have hosted a Menarche Reclamation Ceremony for women in my community and will offer another one next month. I have definitely established myself as the village wise woman when it comes to holistic cycle care, and it lights me up to see women I love develop tender attitudes towards their womb as a result of our work together."

- Bailey Jo

 "Enrollment in the blood mysteries school opened a portal of abundance and harmony in my life. Nancy and Kristin are perfectly balanced teachers who weave ceremony and science, making ancient tradition accessible to our modern lives. 

These wise women are exquisite guides through a remembering of the ancient ways to tend to female nature. Together, they hold the flame of commitment to healing harmful habits and narratives of the over-culture. Through ceremonially imbued body literacy, K&N guided me home to my true essence, in wholeness. 

The Blood Mysteries School is so much more than a deep dive into hormonal physiology and teaching women how to thrive throughout our cycles— this sacred offering exudes the healing potency of a 4-month-long, continuous women’s circle. And the best part is, upon completion, you’ll be prepared to bring these medicine offerings to your local community!

As a student, you will co-create community with women who center your innate divinity and vitality. With the teachings of the blood mysteries school, you will be able to meet yourself in a new way, with more intimacy, attunement, confidence and power. I certainly did."

- Kate

 "Since completing the Blood Mysteries School in 2022, I have started my own business mentoring women in their hormonal and nutritional challenges.

I have integrated Nancy and Kristin's teachings to my passions of herbal medicine and the Wheel of the Year to be able to serve and educate women from an even broader perspective. I teach women how to nourish themselves with food, herbs, and practices in a way that supports their hormonal physiology and aligns with the archetypal energy of the medicine wheel. I see this is a way to heal both body and spirit, aligning more deeply with the seasons of the self and of the Earth, which are one and the same. Sharing the wisdom I learned from Nancy and Kristin with women in my community and online has been so healing and so gratifying. Over and over again, I hear the same response: "I had no idea! I wish I had known this sooner! This makes so much sense!"

My Blood Mysteries School experience also prepared me to start leading a women's circle, where I have found my core group of sisters, connected by a shared reverence for the divine feminine and womb magic. Perhaps the most meaningful gift from the Blood Mysteries School has been the transformation of my own relationship to my body, my cycle, and my womb. I am tapped into my intuition and my power more deeply than I ever knew was possible, and this serves as the foundation of my spiritual practice. The Blood Mysteries School transformed me as a woman, an entrepreneur, and a community leader.

- Hilarie Samei

The Blood Mysteries School is a once-a-year opportunity for a select group of women to become highly immersed and deeply initiated into the secrets of the blood mysteries.

We're enrolling now.