From Medwives, ECV, and GBS to Family Births with Rachel Kirk

Season #7

From Medwives, ECV, and GBS to Family Births with Rachel Kirk 

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Longtime Free Birth Society Member, Rachel Kirk, is finally on the show today sharing her 3 birth stories, culminating in a true family birth that was attended by her sister, mother, father, and sons. How cute is that!? When Rachel’s chosen birth center medwives threatened to drop her care, coerced her into an ECV for her breech baby, and then never answered her calls during labor, she decided for her next birth she would just do it on her own. Fully supported by her family, she went on to freebirth her second and third sons at home. With her mother supporting her, and her father as photographer, she gave birth to her perfect baby boys.

Here’s what you’ll hear:

  • How Rachel wanted to be a compliant patient in order to have a “natural” birth center birth
  • How she found out at 37 weeks that her baby was breech and was coerced into an ECV to maintain her care with the birth center
  • How she went into labor and called the birth center for hours, and after them never answering she reluctantly went to the hospital to give birth
  • How when she got pregnant with her 2nd she knew she couldn't trust the birth center, so she decided she would just do it herself
  • How her decision was supported by her whole family, including her sister who later went on to freebirth
  • How easy and incredible giving birth to her 2nd son was when she was left alone to do whatever she wanted 
  • How different this labor was to her first two and  the pain she endured to birth her baby
  • How special, and unique it is to have birth be a normal family event, that even her little brother called into work to have the day free  

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