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Welcoming You Into the Sacred Secrets of Womanhood

Our FREE 3-part live event with Nancy Lucina & Kristin Hauser

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Our free 3-part live journey home to your highest self 

with Nancy Lucina & Kristin Hauser
This is the time to learn what it means to be properly initiated into womanhood.

Regardless of your age, your experience, or your past, you deserve to know what it feels like to have conscious initiation points that facilitate healing, embodiment, and self-love.

You deserve honor, you deserve ceremony, and you deserve to fully arrive into this phase of your womanhood knowing sisterhood.

Who are you, once you’ve met your wholeness? Let’s find out.

Don't miss this opportunity to claim the initiation into womanhood that you never had and step into leading woman home to the power of their bodies.

In this 3 day event, you’re going to learn some of the secrets of womanhood that were never taught to you.


Embody the power of your cyclical nature.

 Become the community wise woman. 

Guide women through their initiations.



The Initiated Woman

Our free 3-part journey is your path toward actually re-initiating yourself, so that you may serve the women of your community from a place of experiential wisdom, embodiment, and true womb wisdom - not from a textbook or an erasure-based FAM training.

This journey is for the woman who seeks to offer radically-rooted female healing that transcends the mainstream (even the “holistic” mainstream) way. On this journey, you will be initiated yourself, into truly standing in your power and claiming your place in this world as a grown-woman.

You must walk the medicine wheel yourself before you can teach it. 
This 3-part series will guide you through it.

Was your first bleed met with shame, or quick instructions for how to eliminate any evidence of this major rite of passage?

Were you taught to fear your blood, to be disgusted by your blood, that it simply wasn’t polite? Were you taught that the arrival of your blood made you a “monster” of hormones and rage?

Was your first sexual encounter riddled with fear, coercion, even submission?

Were you truly embodied into your first sexual experiences with pleasure and joy, or pain, discomfort, confusion, or even loss? Did you feel honored? Or does the memory make you cringe?

Are your pre-motherhood memories punctuated with pharmaceutical birth control?

Did you spend your teens and 20s with unfulfilling intimacy, hateful and harmful self-talk, people-pleasing, and a lack of direction?

Do your daughters trigger you?

Are you taken aback by their raw, firey confidence? Do you find yourself in power-dynamic battles with them, struggling to contain and direct their spirit into a positive path?

When you became a mother, did you birth in power, or in captivity?

Were you directed, managed, controlled, and “taken care of” by an authoritative figure in the room? Did you enter into newborn motherhood with anxious thoughts, worried about every little thing your baby experienced, and completely disassociated from your body? Did you find yourself automatically outsourcing wisdom to the internet, to a doctor?

Are you entering your menopausal years, and surrounded by a world of women on hormone-replacement-therapy, completely unaware of any other option?

Are you suffering from the symptoms and have no idea how to move through it without the system, let alone guide other women through it confidently?

This is the modern initiation cycle, and it’s time for you to step out of it.

What is “initiation” into womanhood? 

The four pillars of your major life initiations are:

𖦹 Your first bleed
𖦹 Your first sexual encounter
𖦹 Your first birth
𖦹 Your transition into menopause

Like most women, your path to womanhood has not been embodied, confident, ceremonial, or rooted in self-love. Our 3-day event is an opportunity to reclaim these initiations for yourself and learn the secrets of womanhood that were not passed on to you.

You deserve honor, ceremony, respect, and you deserve to fully arrive into this phase of your womanhood knowing conscious initiation points that facilitate the healing and embodiment you long for. After this journey with us, you will know what true initiation into womanhood is, and how to lead other women on the same path.

Session 1

The Shamanic Nature of Your Cycle

  • Learn about the Medicine Wheel Within - The intricate details of how your physiological cycle is in harmony with the four Archetypes, the seasons, the moon phases, and the elements. This is the comprehensive guide to your menstrual cycle that travels beyond any FAM training, and teaches you about your shamanistic role as a cycle coach and wise woman.
  • Understand why we have been trained to pathologize the many different normal experiences of our cycles, and how to alchemize them for joy, productivity, pleasure, and healing throughout the month.
  • Come to know your own inner-landscape as you prepare to support women with theirs.
Session 2

Your Nervous System and Your Cycle

  • Learn the science and physiology of how your nervous and endocrine systems work together throughout each phase of your cycle. You will learn real skills and hands-on techniques for regulating your nervous system in any phase, and how to balance your physiology from within.
  • You’ll get an introduction to the polyvagal theory and learn the importance of tending to your vagus nerve as part of your whole-body health.
  • Orient yourself to healing and utilizing the gifts of your cycle without the medical system, without birth control pills, without hormone therapy, and with intelligent confidence.
  • Position yourself at the cutting-edge of holistic women’s work as you come to understand the root causes of ALL dis-ease and imbalance in the female body.
Session 3

Your Womb Story Is Your Initiation

  • With the tools and skills gathered in Days 1 and 2, we will close our journey together with a highly-interactive experience to facilitate your own initiation.
  • Learn, uncover, heal, and re-initiate YOUR womb story as powerful medicine for the women you serve - rather than a blockage to serving in your highest capacity.
  • Release old wounding patterns, negative self-talk, fear and anxiety, people-pleasing, and more, through this guided medicinal and ceremonial experience to bring you forth as a newly Initiated Woman.

Free Birth Society's


Sign up today to be a part of our *free* 3-part live journey home to your highest self


Free Birth Society's


Sign up today to be a part of our *free* 3-part live journey home to your highest self


Meet your Embodied Guides:

Nancy Lucina

Nancy Lucina is a spiritual guide for women throughout the entire female continuum. She is a women’s circle leader, shamanic facilitator, sacred sound therapist, postpartum care provider, and mother of three. As a vibrant ceremonial leader in her community, she teaches women and coming-of-age girls about the intrinsic power of their cycles. She uses her gifts of voice, sound, sensitivity, and connection to Spirit to guide women worldwide to awaken their ancient deep feminine wisdom, embody the Wise Woman within, and live in truth and power in all areas of their lives.

Kristin Hauser

Kristin Hauser is an acupuncturist, herbalist, somatic sex educator, and mother of three. She works with women across the womb-cycle continuum to claim sovereignty and find lasting, sustainable healing and nourishment. Healing her own menstrual challenges was her initiation into the blood mysteries and sharing of womb wisdom. Her journey and her extensive studies of Chinese Medicine, hormonal physiology, and somatic healing inspire her comprehensive and intellectual teaching style.

Together, Kristin and Nancy have created and facilitated the unparalleled Blood Mysteries School - a 4-month intensive to support, guide, educate, and certify you in everything you need to know to create your own career as a shamanistic cycle coach.

The Initiated Woman is your chance - your only chance - to gather with these embodied mentors, for free, outside of the Blood Mysteries School beginning.

It’s time to grow into the embodied woman you’re meant to be.
It’s time to step up and harness your inner-power - the women and girls need you.

The initiation is yours to have.