Claiming the Creative Power of Sovereign Motherhood with Winona

Season #7

Claiming the Creative Power of Sovereign Motherhood with Winona 

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Today on the show I have Winona, a young and radiant mother from Australia. Winona speaks to how she transformed from a selfish maiden to a confident mother, sure of herself and her choices.  She walks us through the work and presence it took to move through fears, and prepare herself for the work of birth. With the support of a radical birth keeper, a friend, and her partner, she gave birth to her baby girl and a new powerhouse of confidence within herself was formed as a mother. Winona’s story is a perfect example of the creative spark that is ignited through an intact, physiological birth and the true potential all women have when they are respected and honored during these sacred passages. .

 Here’s what you’ll hear:

  • How before motherhood Winona always felt like something was lacking or missing within herself
  • How the serendipitous choice to join a sovereign birth session in her first trimester led to meeting her radical birth keeper and learning about unassisted birth
  • How she honed in on her “why” and how this fortified her decision and helped build her confidence to birth at home
  • How the lesson in her labor was to surrender and not try to escape the intensity
  • How her baby was born with a very short cord, how she thought for a moment it was a boy and the relief when she found out it was in fact the baby girl she had been connecting with all along
  • Her fond memories of postpartum, the wild ride of hormones, and cultivating deep trust that her baby was perfect and no one else needed to validate that 
  • The creativity that was sparked through giving birth and the endless ideas and abundance that’s come to her and her partner
  • The realization that she can truly do anything, now that she's given birth and claimed her power as a mother


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