Welcome to the Lighthouse.

Free Birth Society’s exclusive 
membership for sovereign women.

Here you'll find everything you need on your path of radical responsibility and conscious womanhood. We welcome new women to our private sanctuary just a handful of times each year.

Welcome to the Lighthouse.

Free Birth Society’s exclusive sanctuary for sovereign women.

We welcome new women to our private membership only a handful of times each year 
to keep the space intimate and sacred.

"I will never forget the love and support given to my family by these women. This community has changed my life."

– Lenci S. | Illinois | USA

“It’s a truly safe, free space for all things wild pregnancy, birth, mothering, womanhood and so much more without judgement." 

– Daryl A. / New Mexico / USA

Envision your daily life up-leveled by our community:

 Every question you have around womanhood, health, mothering, pregnancy, birth, and more finds an answer not from a search engine, but from lived experiences.

𖦹 Weekly community calls where women just like you, share, cry, laugh, and heal.

𖦹 11 monthly educational workshops ran by Emilee and other Free Birth Society leaders covering subjects like wild mothering, maidenhood, postpartum planning, trauma, our monthly Wild Woman Workshop, and more.

𖦹 More than just answers – you'll find a sisterhood waiting to embrace you.

𖦹 Access to private members-only directories of radical birth keepers and birth workers.

𖦹 A space where trauma finds solace, maidenhood discovers its rituals, and wild mothers find their soul sisters.

The Lighthouse is a private, vetted online space to create a harbor of absolute safety for the exchange of outside-the-box ideas and questions and woman-to-woman support. 


We're so glad you found your way here.

Listen to the voices of women who have already found their beacon within our private membership. Their transformative journeys shed light on the power and unity of our community.
We only open our doors a few times a year.
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Access the transformative power of sisterhood with us:

I have a new dear friend I met recently through the membership who lives super close to me! Like walking distance close. Don't forget you can list your area on the Member Directory so we can find each other locally and have in person Sisterhood. I'm so grateful for this space.”

– Jessica Isla

“I’ve been introduced to, and now regularly practice: herbal remedy crafting, FAM, yoni steaming, and other self-healing modalities I’d only vaguely heard of before."

– Stephie H. | London | England

“In this group, I found friendship, community and support, including calls with like-minded women throughout my wild pregnancy and into my sacred postpartum time.”

– Michelle P. | Alberta | Canada

“Membership of the Freebirth Society has been an empowering experience. I joined the society and also did the Freebirth course. I found both educational, inspiring and eye opening. Though my birth ultimately did not go as I hoped, I found peace with the choices I made, largely as I felt equipped and informed to deal with whatever might arise, in large part due to education and support provided by the Freebirth society and their course. Membership of the society has enabled me to connect with like minded women in sisterhood, and has supported me emotionally and practically in my journey as a new mother. Thank you Emilee and Yolanda for the awesome work you do.

– Jen Wild | Ireland

“I want to deeply thank this community for all the wisdom and shared experiences. I would resource to all the conversations stored here for any doubts or questions I had and you all guided me through the best path and decisions I could ever have taken to have my baby. I owe this universe of women so much, so THANK YOU from deep within Emilee & FBS.”

– Camila Meza

“I just want to say I love it here, and I'm ecstatic to be a part of this membership! Just from the few interactions I've already had, and the little bit of searching through past threads, I'm seriously mind blown. I have spent pretty much the last 2.5 years of my life feeling sooo alone. All of my female friends dropped me one by one when I spoke my mind about the topics you guys discuss here. My husband has been the only person I could connect to on these deeper levels and I thank God for him. But as we all know, connecting with other women is a legit MEDICINE to the soul, and I have been dying for it! I am so grateful to be here, and I feel like I've gained so much in such a short amount of time. Thank you to Emilee for creating this space, and thank you to every incredible woman here who speaks the truth with passion, yet also such grace!”

– Isabelle Leigh

“I agree this community offers and has provided so much more than I could have imagined prior to joining.” 

– Cathryn Gabrielli