Choosing Nourishment Over Restrictive Diets with Jessica Ash

Season #7

Choosing Nourishment Over Restrictive Diets with Jessica Ash

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In this week’s episode of the podcast, we are shaking it up from our normal birth story rotation… I’m chatting with Jessica Ash, who candidly details her journey through various restrictive diets as she attempted to heal chronic hormonal and fertility problems, only to realize that her fixation on restriction was hindering her path to true, vibrant health. 

Jessica is a wealth of wisdom when it comes to food, real nourishment, and rising above the mainstream norms of nutritional deprivation.

Here’s what you’ll hear in her episode: 

  • Jessica’s journey through the trials of PCOS and multiple autoimmune disease diagnoses, and how she tried restrictive diets like veganism, paleo, keto, and carnivore in order to find a solution to her symptoms, yet only found herself in a toxic cycle.
  • Jessica discusses the “undernourished state”, the scarcity mindset it breeds, and how nutritional wealth can be transferred across generations, particularly when you experience a well-nourished and nutrient-dense pregnancy.
  • How nourishing our bodies on a cellular level is the gateway to our full-being wellness, and how it can help us to explore health as a soul-journey.
  • The cultural push to self-harm through extreme dieting and severance from our intuitive and biological indicators trying to tell us how to eat.
  • The importance of progesterone in women's health, specifically metabolic functioning, and how to foster a healthy flow of progesterone through radical self-nourishment.
  • The reason why women have become so disconnected from their intuition when it comes to food and the importance of intuitive eating (yes, women can enjoy carbs, meat, and dairy!) 💗



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