Preeclampsia and Freebirth with Minerals Expert Margaret Barry

the free birth podcast Feb 02, 2024

Preeclampsia and Freebirth with Minerals Expert Margaret Barry

Today on the show I have the radiant mineral expert, and freebirther of course, Margaret Barry, who shares her birth stories and her vast knowledge of minerals, including how that links to pre-eclampsia. After being diagnosed with “pre” pre-eclampsia, yes I said pre-pre, Margaret goes on to have a 4 day hospital induction with her first baby. Margaret dove into self study to understand what happened, and now has a self appointed PHD in pre-eclampsia. She lays out practical and simple advice on what to eat and how far off it is from mainstream advice.

Here's what you’ll hear:

  •  At 37 weeks pregnant, after one blood pressure reading, Margaret was diagnosed with pre-preeclampsia and spent 4 days in the hospital
  •  How she was completely numb and immobile from the epidural when her baby was born, and how her primal need to be with her baby was fractured
  •  How this experience woke her up to the lies and evil of obstetrics, and set her onto a path of discovery and healing
  •  How she found freebirth and immediately knew a sovereign birth was what she would do with her next baby
  •  How easy and peaceful her 2nd pregnancy was because she focused on nutrition and stress reduction
  •  The prevalence and inaccuracy of the preeclampsia diagnosis and how to avoid it
  •  How integral sodium is for pregnant women, and how often we’re told to eat a low sodium diet from doctors and media
  •  Animal foods are packed with bioavailable minerals and are the most nutrient dense and nourishing foods for pregnant and postpartum women 

Enjoy the episode!


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