When Stillbirth Leads to Freebirth: Savannah’s Story

Season #7

Today on the show we have Savannah, a graduate of The Radical Birth Keeper School, and she’s here to tell her big and important story of birth, single motherhood, loss, and claiming her freedom as a woman.

Savannah’s first birth resulted in heartbreaking, but so common, midwifery sabotage and betrayal, with a totally unnecessary transfer to the hospital. Many years later, Savannah re-partners, and finds herself pregnant again. Tragically, she lost that baby on her 40 week date. Savannah tells us the gutting story of birthing her stillborn son in the hospital. She shares how in her mourning, she was guided to this very podcast, and then to our Radical Birth Keeper School, where she found deep healing and support.

In navigating her first birth outside the system and contending with fear, Savannah steps fully into her power and freebirths her next baby, just 11 months after the loss of her last baby.

These are the kinds of real and difficult conversations we do not shy away from in The Radical Birth Keeper School. Birth work is death work. If you’re ready to lean into the depth of this work, this is our last call for this year’s session of The Radical Birth Keeper School. Go to radicalbirthkeeperschool.com and grab one of our last spots now. 

Grab some tissues and settle in for Savannah’s story. 

Here's what you'll hear in Savannah’s story:

How a vision during her unexpected pregnancy solidified her decision to bring her son to earth

The sabotage by medical midwives of her home birth and the unnecessary hospital transfer

How she intuited during her second pregnancy that something was wrong 

Her joy of experiencing birth, but also the grief that her baby had left his body

The wisdom and guidance received through her loss

How she found The RBK School, enrolled, and allowed it to blow her world wide open

Her third pregnancy and the magic of attending Matriarch Rising Festival at 35 weeks pregnant

Her fast and intense freebirth witnessed by her husband and son

The deep work of integrating grief with a new baby


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