Freebirth As A Catalyst for Power with Nina Marsh

Season #7

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Today on the show, I am welcoming Nina, a graduate of The Radical Birth Keeper School. Nina lives out in northern california, and was transferred to the hospital in her first pregnancy after a planned home birth with a midwife, because her blood pressure was higher than what the midwives were willing to support. She was induced and kept in the hospital for days on end, and was imprinted with the story that she was broken and could not birth naturally. 

Nina tells the beautiful story of her intentionally re-writing her internal stories throughout her second pregnancy, leaning more and more into trust, self-discovery, and intuition, as she prepares for her sovereign birth at home. Her freebirth story is a simple, inspiring example of how easefully birth works when we don’t complicate it, and when we do the real work of really learning to trust ourselves. This is the work that choosing sovereignty primes us for, and what Nina showcases in her powerful growth. She also shares about her amazing postpartum, and how being initiated into this redemptive birth showed her that she really can do anything - that she is the catalyst for her own power. 

Here’s what you’ll hear in Nina’s story:

✨️Nina planned a home birth with her first because her mother and community all home birthed

✨️Up until 8 months pregnant, there were no signs of complications, and then the high blood pressure readings began

✨️Her midwife transferred her over the phone, and Nina got put into the induction pipeline, birthing her baby 12 hours later

✨️She was kept in the hospital for 4 days until her dizziness and blood pressure dropped, never once being offered blood pressure medication

✨️It took years for her to heal from the trauma and internalized messages of being broken and faulty

✨️How the RBK School blew her mind open, and she learned that women can do whatever they want in pregnancy and birth!

✨️How she got pregnant again and decided to have a wild pregnancy, but still monitors her blood pressure

✨️How self monitoring was so stress-inducing that she decided to stop, and just fully trust her body and intuition

✨️How her son was born at home, and how sweet and healing her postpartum time was

✨️How Nina’s blood pressure readings remained “high” throughout pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, but she feels vital and healthy

✨️How Nina knows her body is wise and that her two perfect children are proof of it!


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