Stella’s Sovereign Birth Within a Family of Nigerian Doctors

Season #7

Stella’s Sovereign Birth Within a Family of Nigerian Doctors

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Today on the show I have my friend, Stella. Stella comes from a large family of Nigerian doctors, and after she gave up the idea of med school, she found herself in The Radical Birth Keeper School. Stella experienced huge paradigm shifts and deconditioned herself from her medical upbringing to become the woman and mother she wanted to be. While navigating the grief of losing her mother, and the joy of meeting her spirit daughter prior to pregnancy, Stella chooses a wild pregnancy and a birth outside the medical system. 

Here’s what you’ll hear in this episode:

• How Stella grew up in the waiting room of her mother’s doctor’s office

• How she assumed that in order to work with mothers and babies, she would have to go down the medical path like everyone else

• How meeting her spirit daughter in a plant ceremony changed her orientation to motherhood 

• Just before Stella joins RBK School her mother passes away, and simultaneously Stella opens the conscious conception portal with her partner

• How she navigated a wild pregnancy and her birth plans within a tight knit, medically mainstream family 

• What she learned from her pregnancy and birth and what she will do different next time

• How Stella leaned into her intuition and made each of her choices from an embodied and informed perspective

• How she can be triggering and inspiring to her family and community and hopes more women can see that they have a choice


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