Softening into Self: Amy's Freebirth Transformation

Season #7

Softening into Self:  Amy's Freebirth Transformation

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This week on the show I have the radiant Amy, who is an RBK grad, a Matriarch Rising contributor, and now, a freebirther! 

Amy tells us how she went from a bible thumping young bride to plant medicine hippy, meeting her new man and opening up to motherhood. Amy weaves her three birth stories around the deep learnings of how to accept herself, love herself and really know herself, all coalescing in a full on transformation. 

Here’s what you’ll hear: 

  • How Amy realized her first husband was not going to be the father of her children and how this woke her up to her true desires of motherhood
  • How meeting her real life partner felt so in alignment that they conceived their first baby super fast
  • The horrific and totally common abuse Amy experienced from her medwives and the trauma she disassociated from in order to cope
  • How she even played with the idea of becoming a midwife but something always felt off
  • How everything clicked when she found the freebirth society podcast and realized that she could make a different choice if she were to get pregnant again
  • How it took a friend to validate her rage and anger about how her first two births went for her healing to truly start
  • How her most recent pregnancy was a fully conscious conception and was the full circle healing she needed to accept and forgive herself 


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