The Sovereign Sparrow: Flying Free After Wrongful Surgery

Season #7

The Sovereign Sparrow: Flying Free After Wrongful Surgery 

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This week I have my sweet sister, Sparrow, back on the show to tell her redemption story. You may remember her from an earlier season, when she told us about her first birth, in which she transferred herself. She had felt confident in the transfer, thinking she could just go into the hospital as a seasoned birth-worker and get a catheter to empty her bladder. Instead, she was wrongfully diagnosed with HIV and forced into a c-section. It’s a brutal story, and so I’m especially thrilled to have her back on today, sharing this new story. Sparrow tells us all about her new love, her beautiful family, her sovereign birth, and her much deserved blissful postpartum.

Listen to her first time on the podcast HERE

Here’s what you’ll hear:

  • Sparrow’s wild story about being wrongfully diagnosed with HIV during the labour of her first baby, after going into the hospital because she couldn’t release her bladder.
  • How the HIV misdiagnosis resulted in an emergency C-section, and why she chose to have a vaginal birth after this experience.
  • How she was abandoned by her ex-husband at 11 weeks pregnant during her first pregnancy and the physical manifestation it created in her body.
  • How her second pregnancy and birth allowed her to reflect on her first birth and truly heal from it. How our births unfold truly shape us as women and how Sparrow would have loved to rewrite her first birth story. How different her second birth was and how deeply seen, safe and loved that it almost felt enough for the current pregnancy and past pregnancy felt.
  • How she was open to freebirthing but also having wise women attend the birth (& what she ultimately decided to do).

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