Sparrow and her 'Body Full of Grace'

Season #4

During Sparrow’s freebirth, she found herself unable to release her bladder. When she arrived at the hospital seeking a catheter, instead - she was misdiagnosed with HIV and given a c-section. She was kept from breastfeeding, harassed by social services, and spent the following few days in a nightmarish hell as she fought for herself and her new baby. 


So, this episode is Sparrow’s story, and it’s also in celebration of who Sparrow is today and her new offering to the world. 


Sparrow is a very special woman who has devoted her life to serving pregnant women through high level body work and birth keeping. Today we are celebrating the launch of her new online program, BODY FULL OF GRACE that I am honored to be offering through Free Birth Society. 


It’s a DIY prenatal care course for aligning with a pain free and easy pregnancy, so if you’re pregnant, planning to be soon, or work with pregnant women, you check it out and add it to your tool kit. 


Sparrow is here to tell the tale, what she learned, and to share a really important tip that we hope will help other women stay home to birth their babies.