Honoring the First Mother - The Power & Mystery of the Placenta with Sister MorningStar

Season #7

Episode #236

Honoring the First Mother - The Power & Mystery of the Placenta with Sister MorningStar

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Have you ever considered the importance and sacred journey of the placenta, our first mother, in the birthing process? 

This often overlooked yet crucial part of childbirth takes center stage in our conversation with the wise and insightful Sister Morningstar. We venture deep into the mysterious and powerful process of childbirth, exploring not only the birth of the baby but also the birth of the placenta. 

From understanding the signs of readiness for the placenta's birth to the emotions involved with its release, Sister MorningStar guides us through this extraordinary journey. 

Here’s what you’ll hear: 

  • How the placenta is a fetal organ and often overlooked in the birthing process.
  • The sacred journey of the placenta through two portal doors, aided by gravity and upright position, with mother guiding the cord using only the wrist.
  • How to reduce fear and anxiety around blood loss during birth (& remind women that birth is bloody, it's messy, it's wet, and it's got mucus).
  • The power of childbirth and how it is a powerful story that deserves to be celebrated (& how our past lineage play a factor in what we believe about birth). 
  • How wise women can help counter the fear in birth with their power and experience.
  • Why the uterus must contract to birth the placenta and mention ways to encourage this such as nipple stimulation, massage, and letting the mother rest.
  • The significance of an undisturbed birthing environment and the powerful experience of women using their strength to guide the baby and placenta out. 


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