Unleashing the Warrior: Dominique’s FBAC of 11lb Baby

Season #6

After being backed into a corner, fear mongered, and without options in her first birth, Dominique was bullied into a c-section. When she became pregnant again, she was determined to write a new story.

She thought she could make it work with her medical midwives by speaking up, saying no, and taking the reins, but it turned out, as it so often does, that resulted in her midwives abandoning her care at 37 weeks pregnant.

Facing the paths ahead of her, Dominique knew it was either a repeat c-section…or a freebirth. So with the support of her friend on the phone, intentional breath work, and finding her warrior strength within, Dominique freebirthed her 11 pound baby boy.

She speaks of the transformation and inner strength she cultivated, and the real discovery of her voice to speak up towards injustice; claiming her autonomy and moving towards a life of peace, even if it is by herself.

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