Healing Prolapse, Diastasis Recti, and Tearing with Rebecca Cohen

the free birth podcast Nov 24, 2023

Healing Prolapse, Diastasis Recti, and Tearing with Rebecca Cohen

I’ve got Dr. Rebecca Cohen back on the show this week in celebration of our newest collaboration. One of the most common requests I’ve gotten from you all is to create a pelvic health course, that covers all the problems, so to speak, of the postpartum pelvis and pelvic floor, or bowl, as Rebecca calls it. Well, we did it, we’ve been working hard all fall behind the scenes to create the most info packed, helpful, comprehensive course on the postpartum pelvis. It’s called, Your Postpartum Pelvis, and it is FOR YOU to have aid in your healing, to keep you healing at home, outside of the medical system. 

This episode and our newest course YOUR POSTPARTUM PELVIS is crafted for you. Rebecca has now supported thousands of women over decades helping them come back into embodiment after childbirth, with the very wisdom within this course. 

You deserve to feel whole again, and I am just so proud to finally have this kind of resource on the free birth society platform. Go to freebirthsociety.com/yourpostpartumpelvis and start healing today. 

Here’s what you’ll hear: 

  • How Rebecca returned back to her medical residency, 4 weeks to the day after having her first baby, to work 100 plus hours per week.
  • By Rebecca’s third pregnancy, her cervix popped out, and she was told to just tuck it back in.
  • At 36, her doctors recommended having a full hysterectomy, and 2 weeks before she was scheduled for surgery, she took the holistic pelvic care course that resulted in her canceling the surgery.
  • Just because a woman gets sutures doesn’t mean she needs them, and as an OBGYN, Rebecca was trained just to give them all the time, even if women didn’t need them.
  • How psychological tearing is okay and designed to heal an important part of the postpartum process.
  • After learning about holistic pelvic care, Rebecca feels it’s a delightful coming home and a continuing decision to honor ourselves and our bodies.
  • How when people have prolapse, they feel broken and how they screwed up somehow.
  • It’s never too late to heal because Rebecca started this journey 10 years after having her first baby. And how you’re capable of healing.


Listen to Rebecca's first time on the podcast HERE

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