Welcome to Free Birth Society's

Radical Birth Keeper School

The groundbreaking program for women embarking
on the path of sovereign birth-work.

Welcome to Free Birth Society's

Radical Birth
Keeper School

The groundbreaking program for women embarking
on the path of sovereign birth-work.

The Radical Birth Keeper School is rooted in dismantling birth myths and rebuilding the foundations of birth work from a completely new consciousness. We’ve taken our 40+ collective years of experience in the business and practice of birth, and put it all together to give you a roadmap for success.


Our one-of-a-kind course comes filled to the brim with self-guided video lessons, live integration classes, and a community-centered network, outlined below.

How It Works

The Radical Birth Keeper School is structured to give you a rigorous education in birth-work delivered  via dynamic video lessons, powerful live classes, and a community forum for processing course material, networking, and being in sisterhood.

Our one-of-a-kind course comes filled to the brim with self-guided video lessons, live integration classes, and a community-centered network.


With over 16 hours of pre-recorded material, the Radical Birth Keeper video lessons take you on a profound journey into areas of birth and birth-work that other programs don’t even touch.

From the practical framework of birth-attending, to client relationships, to the function and physiology of birth, Emilee and Yolande’s approach to the art and practice of radical birth keeping is unique and inspiring, and will prepare you to embody your calling.

Live Classes

Every module completes with a 3 hour live class with Emilee or Yolande, every two weeks.

This is the time to ask the questions, get individualized mentorship, and integrate the material. All live sessions are recorded and uploaded the same day and will be included in the lifetime access.

We will meet from 12pm-3pm EST on the following Fridays:
 April 26th, May 10th, May 24th, and June 7th


Sisterhood and devotion–to each other and to motherbaby–is at the very heart of sovereign birth-work.

The Radical Birth Keeper school gives you the opportunity to connect with other women and to forge community from the very beginning, within our private student network.

With 500+ graduates from over 30 countries, the Radical Birth Keeper School is leading the transformation of birth-work across the planet. 


Foundations of the Sovereign Birth Paradigm 

Becoming an effective sovereign birth professional requires an understanding of the language, politics, and history of birth.

How did the industrial system arise, and what does it mean (and look like) to exit that system and join the new paradigm?

In this module we’ll explore the political and linguistic landscape of birth, get to know the story of our collective cultural birth template, and develop the capacity to identify and critique the power dynamics and themes that impact all women in the world of birth.

In Module One, you'll learn:

  • What is a Radical Birth Keeper 
  • The freebirth revolution
  • Why women choose freebirth
  • Industrial midwifery 
  • 8 pillars of authentic midwifery 
  • 4 stepping stones of authentic midwifery 
  • What it means to be resourced
  • Power, responsibility, integrity and maturity 
  • What is freebirth? 
  • The freebirth revolution
  • Why women choose freebirth
  • Safety, risk, and responsibility
  • What is birth trauma and how does it occur? 
  • The connection between industrial birth trauma and choosing homebirth 
  • The basics of supporting women through birth trauma

...and so much more!


The Art of Radical Birth Keeping

Sovereign birth-keeping is both a practice and an art, informed by a framework of skills and approaches rooted in a profound respect for the mother’s embodied power and authority.

As a Radical Birth Keeper, your foundation must include a profound understanding of the mammalian chemistry of birth and its delicate hormonal matrix. If you don't truly comprehend what normal, spontaneous birth looks like (and sadly, so many birth professionals don't) you won't be able to support its optimal unfolding, or have the capacity to correctly observe a variation that could require medical intervention.

Module 2 offers a breakdown of holistic physiological birth like you’ve probably never encountered before—from the perspective of birth as a normal biological event, rather than an inherently medical emergency.

This module will give you the practical tools to actually show up and do the work of radical birth-keeping, from getting clients, to establishing a professional identity in one’s community, to creating support packages, to walking with women through the seasons of pregnancy, to holding space in the presence of a birthing woman and attending to her postpartum with trust and integrity.

This approach will give you a comprehensive education in how birth actually works (when it’s not being sabotaged), so that you’ll have the ability to fully show up for birthing women with empathy, instead of fear.

 In Module Two, you'll learn:

  • The breakdown (of physiological birth) 
  • How we support it (physiological birth) 
  •  Understanding the hormonal blueprint 
  • Supporting placenta release
  • Breastfeeding
  • How to structure a transformative prenatal meeting
  • Navigating transfer
  • Untangling variations of normal, complications, and emergencies
  • Why you already have what you need to support women now
  • What it really means to “hold space” and how to do it
  • Case Studies and Analysis
  • Supporting Loss (miscarriage, preterm, and stillbirth)
  • Supporting postpartum

...and so much more!


The Tools of Self-Mastery 

This module constitutes a foundational training in the tools of self-mastery that will equip you with the inner resources to show up with integrity in every area of your life, (not just birth work!)

These self-mastery tools are the bedrock for the kind of birth-work that will allow you to perform at the highest level in every area of your life. 

Unique among all other birth training programs, The RBK school is known throughout the birth world for being the first to fuse some of the most effective self-help strategies with birth-work. These self mastery tools offer students a road map to get out of drama, act in self-awareness and integrity, and embody true conscious leadership. 

 In Module Three, you'll learn:

  • How to set and maintain boundaries in birth-work
  • How to come into relationship with your "hero" persona and serve women without "saving" them
  • How to face your insecurities 
  • How to deal with criticism (and even haters) and use that energy to your advantage
  • How to engage in activist work with integrity
  • How to be present as a mother, while fully engaging in birth work (and everything else!)
  • Money mindset
  • Charging what you're worth
  • How to settle your nervous system quickly, when faced with conflict or stress
  • How to effectively shift your relationship to money so that abundance flows easily
  • How to untangle yourself from the drama and gossip of the birth world
  • How to identify ways you limit your own success & wellbeing, and shift that dynamic

    ... and so much more!



Birth Business Basics

True sovereignty for women in birth requires not only freedom from the industrial system, but the financial independence that comes from knowing how to run a successful business without burnout.

Module 4 is all about guiding you through the process of building a business that will allow you not only to pay your bills and support your family, but to do so with ease, confidence, and integrity. Each week will include specific action steps from this module that will move you towards the launch, or re-launch, of your birth business.

In this module, Emilee and Yolande–two of the most successful women in the field of birth–will give you the initial blueprint for launching (or re-designing) your dream-birth-business from the ground up.

You’ll learn how to hone and share your unique voice and perspective, call in the women who are meant to work with you, and create a thriving business and abundant lifestyle rooted in the joy of working with integrity.

In Module Four, you'll learn:

  • How to be unapologetically yourself as a birth keeper, starting right where you are
  • How to set up your website (or tweak the one you have) for maximum impact and relevance
  • The fundamentals of growing your email list including the best opt-ins
  • Strategies for curating your social media presence (without spending your life online)
  • How to create a following without "selling out"
  • Marketing and networking, in your local community and online
  • How to charge what you want to be paid
  • Best practices for protecting yourself legally and energetically 
  • Agreements and contracts
  •  Ways to engage with agreements and contracts
  • How to identify your dream birth business and align with your vision
  • How to Establish Your Brand 
  • How to navigate Emails, content, and newsletters
  • The ABC’s of networking

    ... and so much more!

Awaken to the new birth paradigm and step into your purpose.

This is the training that walks you into the new wave of birth work. Yes, it’s real. Yes, you’ll get clients (once you know who you are and what you’re actually doing.) Yes, there are women in your community who want what you are becoming. 

You won’t learn this on Instagram. You won’t find this in a book. This is the multi-dimensional, mind-blowing initiation only the Radical Birth Keeper School can offer.


"What Emilee and Yolande have created in this school has (and will continue) to serve as a beacon of hope for women disillusioned by the medicalisation and corporatisation of birth. I feel as though everything (in my life, my mothering, my business and my relationships) is landing for me since taking the leap and enrolling in the RBK School.

I have known in my heart I have wanted to serve women in my work. Yet until now, I have not known fully *how* exactly I would do this. I now have a blueprint for my business that feels as though with the grit & determination that resides within me (as well as a good dose of facing my fears and inner self critic!) means my success in this work is inevitable.

The Self Mastery tools alone have lifted me to a whole new level of self-development and awareness. I can literally feel a shift in how I am showing up, as a fledgling coach & woman’s mentor, a business owner, a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, and a friend. But also – in how I am showing up to & for myself.

Thank you, Yo and Emilee for bringing your craft to us through the School so we may follow in your footsteps, and for giving us the courage to forge new paths with the women that we will walk alongside in our work. I will be forever grateful to you both for this gift."

- Sian Flynn-Coleman, New Zealand

Hear more from our past students.

Listen to the stories from women just like you and see the results they've been able to create after graduating from The Radical Birth Keeper School.


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