The Radical
Birth Keeper School

The Radical Birth Keeper School has over 500 graduates from 30 countries that have launched their dream businesses, stepped into leadership, and transformed their lives.

You know deep down that you're meant to be serving birthing women in your community. You long to witness and support the awesome power of women as we make life, form kinship, and transform the world through undisturbed matriarchal birth. Come and practice midwifery the way we do: in full resonance with the instinctive power of motherbaby. 


The Radical
Birth Keeper School

The Radical Birth Keeper School has over 500 graduates from 30 countries that have launched their dream businesses, stepped into leadership, and transformed their lives.

You know deep down that you're meant to be serving birthing women in your community. You long to witness and support the awesome power of women as we make life, form kinship, and transform the world through undisturbed matriarchal birth. Come and practice midwifery the way we do: in full resonance with the instinctive power of motherbaby. 



"This course has exceeded my wildest expectations. The investment Emilee and Yolande make in each student is marvelous. Their collective experience and guidance is a treasure trove that I don’t know how I would find otherwise. The syllabus and the way the course unfolds is, quite simply, genius. I am very appreciative of the rich, fascinating and useful content, resources and the methods of delivery. 

This course has ended up as one of the best professional and personal choices I’ve made for my life."

Caitlyn Collins, South Africa
Midwife and Wild Women's Coach


"This was more than an online training. This was a deep initiation into sisterhood and who I am."

Stella Udeozor, Ohio
Radical Birth Educator & Birth Photographer


"Since beginning the school, I have hosted monthly village prenatals for the women in my community, I'm attending births outside the system regularly, and have grown my online coaching business.

The mentorship from Emilee and Yolande was invaluable. It wasn't until the school that I was actually able to see my blocks and learn how to get out of my own way to launch the business of my dreams and to serve my ideal clients after years of working as a busy birth doula in New York City."

Isabella Malbin, Texas
Birthkeeper, Podcaster, Coach

"Every week that passes my jaw drops because of this program's utter comprehensiveness and richness. Not only do I have all of the tools I need to actually launch my business, but all of the wisdom I need to share with women that will help them to realize their power. Even more than that I've felt true sisterhood that gives me the confidence to do this. The Radical Birth Keeper School is a necessity for the future and healing of our world."

Amanda Macgillivray


"I really believed these struggles were a part of the price I had to pay for being a legitimate midwife, and I didn't yet know that my legitimacy is up to me.

This school isn't just for birth keepers. I see it as relevant for every woman at any stage who wants sisterhood, and a roadmap for freedom from external authority, in birth, birth keeping, and in life."

Ellah Ray, California
Licensed Midwife, CPM


 "This school really brought me back to who I truly am, and brought who I truly am into my birth work - instead of hiding myself and not saying what's on my heart to clients. It has transformed my life in such a beautiful way."

NinNeru Hogg, Canada
Traditional Birth Attendant


"I was a registered midwife, I stopped my registration in September. This course helped me to reconnect with why I began working with women seven years ago."

Eva Parets, Spain
Radical Birth Keeper


"I used to think that as a doula I had to be neutral and objective, and not give my opinion... owning my biases and being 100% truthful and authentic in my conversations with women was something that I only gave myself permission to do after doing the Radical Birth Keeper School. If you want to feel really authentic and liberated in your birth work and life, I wholeheartedly recommend this school."

Clancy Allen, Australia
Birth Mentor & Birth Witness

"This course has already changed my life and I know I will continue to feel the reverberations for many years to come. I have never seen nor could have imagined such comprehensive learning and guidance in one place- so practical, so academic, so heart-centered, spiritual and all-encompassing."

Faye Leggett


"Day after day, week after week, my expectations were continuously being exceeded and I was constantly blown away by the amount of thought and attention that went into building out this program."

Samantha Smith, Georgia
Radical Birth Keeper


"Doulas, we need to rethink our role here. How can we work with mothers to believe in their bodies? How can we support them to experience natural transcendent birth? How can we be honest about the horrors of the system, instead of promising what cannot be given? We know there is so much more to birth than a healthy baby.

I've been on an incredible journey since I completed the Radical Birth Keeper School."

Saima Kara, Portugal
Radical Birth Educator


"I started walking down the path of a doula, and did my doula training, and attended my first birth. It was a classic story of a woman wanting a natural birth and it was a tragic experience and it was awful to witness, and I knew that was not where I was meant to be.

One of the amazing things I learned is that birth work is not about saving women. It's about sitting with them, honoring them, and truly upholding yourself and that woman in the process."

Beatrice Butler, New York
Radical Birth Keeper 


"This training is like none other.

I can tell you I've taken other doula trainings in the last ten years of being a doula and birth worker, and this training is different because it comes from the perspective that birth is not a medical emergency, and that women are at the core of their birth and all decisions made around their birth, and it gives the power back to the birthing woman to trust her body and to have the final say in all decisions."

Shanika Malcolm, Georgia

"This school has turned out to be one of the most pivotal and influential experiences of my career. After just the first class, I knew this was going to change everything. Between the self mastery classes (mind blowing) and the radical birth keeping classes, I feel beyond satisfied.  I've never felt more connected to the families I'm working with.

The step-by-step guides to authentic midwifery, networking, and guidance on specific offerings we can give to our communities and to the world virtually, has been worth the investment."

Sophia Williams, Midwife


"Emilee and Yolande will not only share their wisdom on birth work, but also shine light about who you are."

Prema Madhu, Tennessee
Birth Consultant


"The school solidified how I've been feeling about birth and the birth world for so many years. It gave me such confidence to speak out, to restructure my course, and that what I had been previously teaching, I didn't believe in it at all.

This school gave me a new truth amongst a sisterhood that was absolutely unbelievable."

Hayley Begner, England
Hypnobirthing Coach


"During the school, I met my first woman who I walked with through the end of her pregnancy, her birth, and postpartum. I am so proud to say I already am a birth worker!"

Tina Richter, Germany
Birth Worker


"This mentorship has really allowed me to give myself permission to put myself out there and show up for my community."

Hannah Marshall, Florida
Radical Birth Keeper

"Since beginning the school I've attracted my ideal clients, increased my business revenue, released limiting beliefs around money and connected with incredible women all over the world, brought together by the desire to serve women in integrity. I could not have asked for a better container as I shifted from industrial birth work to Radical Birth Keeping. The Radical Birth Keeper School is truly a goddess-send."

Isabella Malbin


"In this course, I finally found these women who understand what I was feeling when I was pregnant. It feels so amazing to continue to move forward and support women to hopefully not feel as I did. To really pass on that wisdom, confidence, and connection to know that this is so normal, it's so normal to not want to be in this medical world around birth.'"

Gauri Algar, United Kingdom
Childbirth Coach


"Everything that I learned, I can apply to whatever it is that I want to do with my life. That's incredible."

Eleonora Sophie, Switzerland
Radical Birth Keeper


"I came into this looking for a very comprehensive, holistic education on birth and women's bodies, and boy did I find that!"

Morgan Doman
Life Coach & Radical Birth Keeper


"This program is different than anything else out there because it's not about the diploma, it's really about the transmission of deep wisdom that women have carried for so many years. 

This program is an opportunity to work independently, to show up authentically, and not be confined to a system that dictates what you are allowed to say and not say or do and not do. That's exactly what I wanted."

Annick Meckes, Canada
Radical Birth Keeper


"I am fully ready to step into this role as a birth keeper and a sister to walk alongside another woman in her preparation for birth."

Lilly Rose Beavers
Radical Birth Keeper

The ancient wisdom model of women’s healing traditions.
The evidence-based physiology and chemistry of birth.
The business and marketing skills required to excel in the digital age.

Whether you’re a doula disillusioned with the system, a midwife ready to expand your perspective, or a a woman new to birth-work seeking a path to practicing with integrity, this program is for you. 

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"I had my doubts, and the school surpassed all of them."

"The self-mastery portion is an area of the school which has blown my mind, rocked my world, and quite literally changed me forever. I am not the same woman I was."


"How does one describe something that is truly so deeply transformational? I truly cannot recommend this schooling more; it came into my life at such a brilliant time and I am so appreciative of all the women that I got to meet, and that I now call sisters through this program."

"I had the immense pleasure of sitting in community with 50 other women around the world, all sharing a common goal; which is to be in service to ourselves, and each other, and Mother Earth through the ancient knowledge of radical birth keeping."

"To be attending the Radical Birth Keeper School has been a dream come true. It's the first time in my life I am studying something that feels entirely in line with every aspect of my being in terms of my passions, my activism, and my spirituality."

Aruba Red


"This school has helped me see women in such a way of light and full of love in general. Especially now, understanding that each woman is a powerhouse unto herself. No matter what her story is, each woman has her journey, and all I am here to do is guide, support, and love each woman throughout."

"I'm entirely grateful for the truly divine feminine wisdom channeled through Emilee and Yolande. If it's on your heart in any way to hop on board, do so."


"Emilee and Yolande are an incredible wealth of knowledge and have created this unique dialect around birth, and dreamt up what it could be like for mothers, for babies, and for families."

"I thought this school would be a doula-training alternative, but it was so much more than that. It completely changed my life. I learned so much about birth, about women, about community. It brought women into my life and I didn't have a circle of women around me before."

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"The RBK school is like no other. It is combining past wisdom and the future evolution of what birth can become, to protect the rite of passage that birth truly is, and to fiercely and boldly hold motherbaby at the very center of it all."

Caitlyn Collins