Birthing in the Bliss of a Women’s Flourishing Community with Sister Nettle

Season #7

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Birthing in the Bliss of a Women’s Flourishing Community with Sister Nettle

We are closing our Season 7 with the story of one of our own, from one of my dearest, our creative director at Free Birth Society, Meg, aka @sister.nettle. Meg’s got a simple yet deeply inspirational story of how she got available for all the good things in life, and made the changes needed to have it all. 

If you’re stressing about how you’ll survive without weekly episodes, don’t worry, we’ve got something to take the edge off. We’re finally ready to launch our Freebirth Collection on our Youtube channel! We’re going to be dropping birth vids on our channel Monday, Wednesday, and Friday all summer long. Go subscribe to Free Birth Society on YouTube now and look out for it next week! 

It’s been a wonderful year with you women, we’ll be back in the fall with Season 8! 

Here’s what you’ll hear in this episode:

✨Meg’s first birth with licensed midwives, and her lack of sisterhood during that time in her life.

✨The word-spell her medwife cast about her son’s “big” head.

✨Attending MRF and her spiritual awakening.

✨How she found Free Birth Society and became a part of the team.

✨The intensity and mystery of late pregnancy.

✨Her grounded, spacious birth of her daughter with myself and her husband by her side.

✨Her breastfeeding journey, and how she chose to be unavailable for pain and struggle.

✨How she became the change she wanted to see in her life, and created a web of sisterhood.


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