The (free)Birth Partner Episode

Season #7

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Today is all about (and for!) the birth partner. I do what I can in an hour to offer my transmissions to you of 20 years in birth work, and having worked with thousands of fathers and partners to the birthing woman.

Fathers - this episode is for you!

I’ll cover the most common questions and concerns I get from fathers and offer my wisdom on the logistics and energetics of how to be the best ally in her sovereign birth that you can be.

The ability to educate mothers, fathers, and families on true sovereign birth is something we truly need more of in this world, which is why birth education is one of the core elements we teach on in our newest year-long program, The Matribirth Midwifery Institute. We are unlike any other midwifery school and bring together the study of independent midwifery, holistic health & healing, a full childbirth education curriculum, birth-coaching and trauma debrief training, a transformational self-mastery program, and how to build your lighthouse birth business!

Here’s what you’ll hear in this episode:

✨ The role of the birth partner and how to act from a space of respect and trust.

✨What normal birth is as well as some variations of normal.

✨The physiology of undisturbed birth.

✨Mothers don’t *need* anything, but what she might *want* in the birth process.

✨What the phases of labor often look like, and how to offer support during each.

✨The birth of the placenta and immediate postpartum.

✨How to navigate the big “what if” question.

✨How to “Be the oak tree,” and protect her space.


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