Cultures with No Rape: Exploring Commonalities Among Matriarchal Societies

Season #7

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Matriarchy is an inspiring and critical topic that is incredibly important to me and all I do.   

So, today on the show, we’re going to talk about it! Dr. Jessica Spring Weappa has a PHD in matriarchal studies, presented at the first Matriarch Rising Festival, and is my guest today on the podcast to blow all our minds!  Imagine a society where mothers are centered, where the highest currency is a mother’s love; a culture with no rape, no domestic violence, no fear of death, where relationships aren’t based in top down hierarchy.  

This is matriarchy.   

Jessica touches on gifting economies, nature as nourishment, and the spiritual commonalities within matriarchal societies across the planet. She has devoted her life to studying these concepts and finding ways we can rewild.  

We must do deep work and deprogramming to break the spell of patriarchy and find comfort, rather than fear, in centering women and mothers.  

If you want to dip a toe in, or dive headfirst, come to my women only life changing gathering, Matriarch Rising Festival. It will change your life, it will blast your heart open, and you will return home renewed and full of deep aliveness.   

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Here's What You’ll Hear in This Episode:  

✨How Jessica couldn’t look away from questions she had about mothering today. 

✨Her story of domestic violence and single motherhood. 

✨Understanding matriarchy through critiquing patriarchy. 

✨The insignificance of fathers in matriarchal societies 

✨Why our society fears matriarchy. 

✨Capitalism as a perversion of a gift giving economy. 

✨How our current economy is dependent on free labor of mothers. 

✨How our court system is rooted in matricide. 

✨How care ethics should be based on mother/child imprinting. 

✨Ingredients for creating matriarchy today.


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