From Veganism and Medwives to Farming and Freebirth: The Magical Life of Julia Hempe

Season #7

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Today on the show I welcome one of my closest friends and favorite people, Julia. Julia lives here in community with us, and so I’m extra excited to have her on to share her story. Julia is a truly wild mother of 3, turns out - soon to be 4, a homesteader, a gorgeous and insanely talented homemaker, and really just the embodiment of strength, fortitude, and integrity. Can you tell I adore her? She has freebirthed twice, and the second time she *literally* labored right here on my land, the Matriarch Rising Festival grounds! How magical is that?

Julia began her mothering journey quite young, having found her sweetheart at age 17. When Julia found herself unexpectedly pregnant she was already living outside mainstream culture and knew she didn’t want to birth in the hospital. Sadly though, the medical midwife she hired found ways to create drama throughout her pregnancy and birth.

A huge awakening, followed by a move from L.A. to North Carolina to figure out this homestead life, brought Julia’s and my family together in organic friendship. It’s all very cute, she invited me to be her birth attendant, our husbands met and fell in love, and the rest is herstory. Though she and her family have certainly faced challenges living this rural farm lifestyle, Julia consistently devotes herself to her family, community, and the fullness of her family’s vision.

Julia’s two freebirths were very different experiences. The birth of her son although powerful and sweet, hit her very hard, so for the birth of her daughter she *chose* pleasure and presence.

Julia’s story is such a powerful reminder that we can make big choices in our lives and really manifest our dream reality. Come see the beautiful land Julia fell in love with too, at Matriarch Rising Festival this summer! Go to to get your tickets today. Once you experience community here, you may just have to return home and create it for yourself! Julia will be leading the toddler yoga and mother meet ups at MRF, so come join in and say hi to my bestie.

Here’s what you’ll hear in Julia’s story:

✨How she loved being pregnant for the first time, but was constantly fear mongered by her medical midwife.

✨Her first drama filled first birth with a licensed midwife.

✨Covid in L.A. and her family’s big leap relocating to North Carolina.

✨Homesteading while pregnant and the fast and really rocking freebirth of her son.

✨Rural living and her family’s various moves to find their farm land here in WNC.

✨The intensity of the end of her pregnancy.

✨The fast but dreamy and pain-free freebirth of her daughter.

✨Her community supported postpartum.

✨Experiencing three generations of women at MRF.


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