A Black Woman’s Solution to Maternal Death Rates in the System: Jalynn’s Freebirth

Season #7

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Jalynn was aware that the medical system was dangerous for her, as a woman, and a black mother. Thankfully, her first birth was fairly straight forward. She left the birth center clear that she would not go back, not because it was traumatic, but because it simply wasn’t worth leaving her house for. 

With her second, Jalynn stepped into full responsibility with a wild pregnancy and the freebirth of her dreams surrounded by sisterhood and support in a community ashram. She fully actualized her dream birth. 

We’re talking about an epic birth space decorated by a dear sister, friends chanting and vocalizing with her during birth, live flute music, and plants infused with affirmations by Toni Jones herself. It was no fear, all flow, with Jalynn completely centered and held by her community, which transitioned into a brilliantly supported postpartum as well.

Jaylnn goes on to fully integrate this huge uplevel and leave nursing school to pursue a truly holistic path, which is unfolding and gaining power as she does the work to shine her light and show women the way out of the system and into sovereign birth-work.

Here’s what you’ll hear in Jalynn’s Story:

✨Her weariness of the hospital, the racist roots of obstetrics, and the high maternal death rate of black moms.

✨Her desire to find a black woman to support her, but the difficulty she experienced finding midwives of any race to respect and honor her choices.

✨How her first birth sparked an insatiable desire to step into her authentic self.

✨The spiritual confirmation she experienced learning about freebirth and the dangers of ultrasound.

✨Her intuitive self care during her wild pregnancy.

✨Her magical birth surrounded by sisters and fully supported postpartum.

✨Choosing authentic birth education over certified nursing or doula work in the system.


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