The Women Are Ready: Zainab Brings Body Literacy to Saudi Arabia

Season #7

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We have a really inspiring episode today, as I welcome Zainab, from Saudi Arabia, now living in Michigan. Zainab is a brilliant maiden who has blazed a path of autonomy, teaching Fertility Awareness Method and body literacy to Arab women in her mother tongue of Arabic.

Zainab grew up without initiation into her first bleed, and didn’t even have a word to use for her vagina. She experienced intergenerational shame.

Her awakening began when she discovered FAM along with a calling to share this knowledge with her sisters, particularly those in her home country, where she found women hungry to tune into their bodies and claim their freedom.

Zainab came to Matriarch Rising Festival and experienced it as a touchpoint of what's possible when women in their power come together. She witnessed the centering of mothers, the normalization of freebirth and embodied womanhood, and, of course, the pure, delicious magic. She took these lessons home with her, forever changed.

This year we’re hyped to have Zainab back at MRF offering her workshop The Cycle Wisdom Map, an exploration of body literacy through the lens of the natural cycles around us. Come and experience the uplevel Zainab did! Go to to get your ticket. Join us sisters - it’ll be the highlight of your year - and it may just change your life. 

Here’s what you’ll hear:

✨The body disconnection and shame she was taught as a young woman.

✨Her passion for FAM and joy of translating teachings into her mother tongue.

✨Her leap teaching in Arabic, and the incredible response from women ready to step into their power.

✨Teaching from the “daughter” stage of life.

✨The importance of centering mothers.

✨Cultural amnesia and how her grandmother birthed at home, yet her mother birthed in the hospital.

✨The life altering power of MRF and how it changed her.


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