A Serbian Breech Freebirth at 44 Weeks: The Ripple Effect of Mina’s Power

Season #7

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This may be the most important episode of the season, so I’m glad you’re tuning in this week. Today’s story is from Mina, a freebirthing mother, and RBK graduate in Serbia.

Though Mina dreamt of birthing at home, she knew of no other women around her making that choice, so she birthed her first two babies in a very old school, very dark hospital. Mina faced obstetric violence and abuse and did not want to return.

And so she didn’t. She freebirthed her third. When she found herself pregnant as a newly single mother, Mina of course chose freebirth again, for her breech baby, born at 44 weeks surrounded by her sweet children.

Mina credits The Radical Birth Keeper School for her deep understanding of sisterhood, through which she has cultivated a blossoming community of women in her country also creating change. These women are choosing sovereign birth; they are stepping out of the system and into their full power, just as Mina did.

Obviously Mina’s choice to freebirth is huge, but I was struck by the real ripple effect that happens after a woman freebirths in her community, and then devotes herself to sovereign birth-work. Mina is truly changing birth culture in Serbia, and it’s a really, really big deal.

As Sister MorningStar says, “What one woman can do, all women can do.”. If Mina can do it, you can, too. There are just a few short days left to enroll in our only round of The Radical Birth Keeper School this year. Don’t wait, your time is now. Join us, for The Radical Birth Keeper School Spring 2024 cohort. Wherever you are, there are women around you hungry for wise sisters to support them in their sovereign birth choices. Go to radicalbirthkeeperschool.com and become the lighthouse in your community.

Here’s what you’ll hear in Mina’s story:

✨Her first birth in the hospital and subsequent separation from her baby.

✨The sickening state of maternal care (or lack thereof) in Serbian hospitals.

✨How she tried to strategically use the hospital during her second birth, but still faced abuse.

✨The culture of silence and corruption surrounding homebirth and midwives in Serbia.

✨Her first freebirth and the powerful shift it initiated.

✨The mentorship, sisterhood, and profound growth she experienced in The RBK School.

✨How she chose a fourth pregnancy, single motherhood, and a true family supported freebirth.

✨The importance of finding like minded women and embodying the change in birth culture you wish to see.


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