When Miscarriage Teaches You Wholeness: Amelia’s Journey to Freebirth after 2 C-Sections

Season #7

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RBK Grad, and a brave, brilliant woman, Amelia is on the show today to share her big stories. Amelia has moved the needle bigtime in her life, from being initiated into motherhood with two entirely unnecessary, traumatic c-sections, to moving beyond the medical paradigm entirely, in her subsequent births. It’s a painful story, full of trauma, medical midwifery betrayal, a desired VBAC turned repeat surgery, and then, Amelia has a spontaneous undisturbed early birth, a miscarriage, completed at home. This is when she realized the stories she was told were lies, and that she was in fact, entirely whole, and capable of birth. Amelia stepped into who she really was, and chose freebirth, and chose herself. 

Here’s what you’ll hear in Amelia’s story:

✨How Amelia excitedly called the OB with her first pregnancy and was shocked when they didn’t care

✨The lie of “low fluid” and how her doctor bullied her into an induction and ultimately a C-section

✨VBAC sabotage by a licensed midwife

✨How the Free Birth Society Podcast guided her to unpack her abuse and trauma, and enroll in the Radical Birth Keeper School

✨The conception of her third baby during school and her first freebirth: an early birth outside the system

✨The ease & peace of wild pregnancy and her trip to Matriarch Rising Festival

✨Her redemptive births and how incredible it is to feel the totality of undisturbed birth

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