Freebirthing En Caul Babies and Putting Yourself First with Homesteading Nutritionist Noelle Kovary

Season #7

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I’m joined on the show today by the gorgeously brilliant and oh so bright, Noelle. I had originally had her on to talk about nutrition, and to my sheer delight I found out that Noelle in fact freebirthed both of her children! She speaks about moving out of depletion and disease by putting herself first and listening to her body, giving it what it needed. By cultivating inner strength through nourishment and true health, she was able to fully trust her body and freebirth her babies, which were both born in their amniotic sacs, at home, in peace. We go over the radical shifts that take place when mothers move out of martyrdom and into centering themselves, what that looks like, and the harmony that can be found in your relationships when you’re grounded and calm. And how it's really as simple as eating breakfast! Enjoy.

Here’s what you’ll hear:

✨️How she knew she would birth at home and after interviewing a midwife and knowing more about birth than her, she decided she would just do it on her own

✨️How after she made the decision to freebirth it was like a weight was lifted and she was able to fully lean into trust

✨️How both of her children were born in their amniotic sacks, and how she’s never experienced the sensation of her waters breaking

✨️How birthing her son was a totally normal and simple, yet extraordinary life event

✨️How Noelle had to really face herself, her relationships, and her resistance in order to birth her daughter

✨️How catching her daughter was the most incredible experience of her life and she can’t wait to tell her that story

✨️How Noelle healed herself from PCOS, Hashimoto’s, and cancer, by learning Ayurveda and taking charge of her health

✨️How much our mood and hormones are impacted by our nutrition and the ripple effects this has on our relationships with our partners, and children

✨️How grounded we can feel when we’re properly fed, and how important it is to be supported by like minded women when we start to walk the path of sovereign living

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