Where Grief Meets Joy:  Meg's Birth Outside the System

Season #6

Meg's story starts with a traumatic early birth in the system at 17 weeks with her first son, Shiloh.  The dehumanizing experience proved to her that the hospital was the last place she wanted to be, so she planned a homebirth outside the system with an authentic midwife - me!  

Meg shares how she learned to accept the intermingling of joy and grief in navigating her pregnancy and upcoming birth. 

Meg vulnerably tells us how shell shocked she was from her baby's fast birth (spoiler, I missed it!)- and how she was left physically and emotionally rocked, wondering ‘was that it’?  

Meg's story offers insight into how not all freebirths are the peaceful instagram videos you see, but are often far more real, raw, and primal. 

We touch on her initially challenging breastfeeding journey and the trust she felt in her body and her baby to find their way. 

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