Radical Womb Healing as a Path to Freebirth with Kristin Hauser

the free birth podcast Feb 17, 2023

"Radical Womb Healing as a Path to Freebirth with Kristin Hauser"

 Today on the show I invite back (for the 5th time!) the brilliant Kristin Hauser.  Kristin, the co leader of the Blood Mysteries School, a womb and sexual health educator, an experienced freebirthing mom and good friend of mine, brings the story of her third birth, at home, surrounded by family.  She tells of the joyful emergence of her son, her daughter's excited response, and the healing power of being witnessed by her own mother.  Kristin recalls the ease she felt through postpartum, crediting it to her experience as a third time mom, and how she drew upon her knowledge of women's sacred times; having the tools to support herself.  Kristin speaks to the alchemy of her own womb healing journey, and how it shapes her current practice as a women's health coach, a mother, and as a leader within her community.  The Blood Mysteries School is led by Kristin Hauser and Nancy Lucina, and is now open for enrollment.



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