Surprise Breech Freebirth

birthing truth: a collection of freebirth stories Oct 19, 2021

When I woke up on Wednesday July 18th I was planning on taking a ride with my sister. I was staying close to home for the last 3-4 weeks and wanted to get out of the house. But I woke up feeling some surges so I thought I better stay home. I told my sister to go without me and I would let her know if she needed to come back. I wasn't trying to get all excited because I had felt surges like this before. By about 9:00am I was pretty sure it was the real thing only because they continued to come but I did have time in between. So I texted me sister she better get home.

I didn't time them but since they continued I was most certain this was it. Between 9 and 10 the surges continued and started getting more intense. By 10ish my husband brought my daughter to my mom's house. And my sister and I started getting everything ready. Putting everything out on my meditating table, my incense, affirmations, candles etc. During my surges I would go in my room and put my kneeling pad down. Being in this position was what I found most comfortable. It was helpful to breath through them and use my voice. I could tell they were getting more intense and I told my sister I felt like we needed to get the birthing tub ready, so she did. Not long my husband returned about 11. I was really breathing through the surges now and making my noises. I got into the tub and it felt so good to be in there. At this point things were getting super intense. I was starting to feel like I had to push. I said to my husband I feel like I have to push already. It seriously felt like I had to throw up through my vagina/butt. Sounds super weird but that's how it felt like I couldn't control it.

I tried not to push because I thought there is no way I am ready to push this soon! I even tried checking myself and I didn't feel a head. I thought to myself I don't know how I could go on much further like this and my body wanting to push. It was so hard to not push and at times I just had to push! I had a family friend arrive which it was so nice to have her there because she has had 6 children of her own. This urge to push I just couldn't control anymore so when I went to push this time my son came out, it was his legs and stomach! He was breach!! At this point I was on my side, and one of my family friends who just arrived said maybe you should get on your knees. Which I'm so glad she did because it helped for the rest of my son to come. I remember waiting for another contraction so I could push the rest of him out and with one more push he was out!

He was breech I couldn't believe it. Being able to push and get him out felt AMAZING! And seeing my son for the first time was true BLISS!!! Nothing in this world like it. I couldn't not believe how fast my son came. It took about 3-3 ½ hours!!! After he came out it took him a few seconds or a minute to cry. Than not long after that my placenta came out no problem!! What an incredible feeling!!! Having my husband, my sister, and our two family friends by my side was so special and I was so thankful to have them all holding space for me. I couldn't believe how amazing I felt afterwards! It was so different from when I had my daughter in the hospital.

And one thing I must tell you all, my midwife with my daughter told me, since I had trouble delivering my placenta I wouldn't be able to give birth at home, I would need to be in the hospital. Well lady I had a FREEBIRTH!!!! HOW DO YOU LIKE THEM APPLES??!!! Lol All those doubts I had was all bullshit and I'm so glad I trusted in myself because I truly know that I am one bad ass B-word! So ladies don't listen to people who want to feed you lies! Know that you are a strong woman and you can do this!! Trust in you!!! God bless you all!


~ Christina 

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