Reborn In The Power Of Pleasure: Erika's Freebirth

birthing truth: a collection of freebirth stories Oct 20, 2021
I experienced an orgasmic birth with my partner after stopping all sensual/sexual activity with him for the entire length of the pregnancy, conception being the last time we connected in that way.  I nurtured my own needs for pleasure and manifested a powerful ecstatic birth experience, which climaxed in freedom, and in a new foundation for our relationship through inviting him slowly in to my pleasure space during the birth, mostly through finding trust in his compassionate touch then asking for nipple stimulation with his hands and eventually with his mouth.  I would say the intensity of the experience emotionally and erotically is one I’ll never forget and it started with simple moments of allowing myself to feel comfortable finding pleasure in my own body.  
I was in this outdoor tub, a space we created in the last month and a half of the pregnancy from found, borrowed and created items, for part of my early opening experience and then found myself throwing out plans and heading inside, which allowed for a higher level of pleasurable vocal expression and opening to an intimate space with my husband.  I asked him to catch our son as I leaned back on the bed in a state of the most intense erotic and powerful overwhelming exhaustive pleasure and unfathomable opening feeling, he released his mouth from my body and caught our son as he came out in two pushes.  
Grant whisped his slippery body on to my belly and we all found ourselves reborn in the power of pleasure.  

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