Alessandra's Freebirth that Healed Her Own Birth

birthing truth: a collection of freebirth stories Oct 20, 2021

I myself was born in a rather sterile and unnatural fashion--a planned cesarean on a preselected date, ready or not!  One thing is for sure, we all have unique birth stories, and I am excited to share Sage’s.  

Sage took his time to get here, we waited 41 weeks!  There were many moments when I felt I just couldn’t wait any longer, but one thing is for sure: he taught me to be the most patient mama. 

In the beginning, it was a dull ache which started to come and go at regular intervals.  So we decided to go to bed and try to sleep through the beginning stages.  Around 4:30 am I decided to go outside and do some yoga.   Our daily ritual for the preceding weeks had been to go for a walk on the beach every sunrise, and I was determined to go one last time, it would be a while before I could go again.

As we got to the shoreline, we were greeted by a whole school of dolphins swimming and playing about! The walking really increased the intensity and frequency of the surges of power building up in my womb. I started to sing a song each time they came…

"Strong winds, Deep water, Tall trees, Warm fire, I can feel it in my body, I can feel it in my soul!”

 It was really getting me through them but I knew it was time to get back home to the safety of the nest we ever so carefully crafted over the preceding weeks. The surges were getting stronger; time started to become very focused--I was completely present. I decided to walk around outside a little and was totally amazed by the way our sacred mother earth shone and sparkled at me, every flower glimmering with excitement for the arrival of the new baby. I greeted each one and thanked them. 

By 9:30 labor was well on its way with powerful surges. The water was calling me, and just in time, the birth pool was ready. It was around 11:15 when I got into the soothing waters. It is here that time really gets lost on me. My body started to work hard and each surge was accompanied by a deep and low roar. My partner would growl with me, grounding me and reminding me to direct the energy downwards. He also made sure that I did not feel alone--he was right there. My mother stood over the pool and pressed down on my lower back each surge. 

At 12:53, my body started to push all on its own, with no need for the thought of pushing. I cannot deny that this was the most extremely difficult thing I have ever been through. There was no way out, only through. After some time, Sage’s head pushed against the exit; it was time. I roared a huge lioness roar, and the head emerged at 13:51. He came out like a total professional, turning and facing me, opening his eyes instantly and looking up, that little mouth open like a fish, telling us to bring him up. We lifted him and brought him up to my chest, and he took his first breath. 

We moved to the couch, blood all over the place and I invited him to latch as I waited for the placenta to birth. After a while, I stood up, and so it birthed! We decided we would leave the placenta attached until we were ready to say goodbye.

After we had cleaned up and given our thanks to those who supported us, we went to bed, my partner, Sage, and I all cuddled together. Soon enough the sun was rising, to welcome in the new day - the first new day of the rest of our lives - and we couldn’t be happier or more blissful.


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