Walking the Medicine Wheel Within

Your Initiation into Womb Wisdom and Archetypal Alignment

Join Nancy Lucina and Kristin Hauser in an in-depth self-study course to uncover the wisdom of your womb through its four phases - follicular, ovulation, luteal, and menstruation. Each of these phases holds a sacred "archetype" with unique medicine and teachings for you, and it is your birthright to be in communion with each of them.

Through this journey, you will learn to embody the power of each phase of your menstrual cycle while understanding the archetypal, energetic and physiological aspects of the medicine wheel within. You have a profound opportunity to enter this portal and re-write your initiation into womanhood, reclaiming your power and vitality along the way. 


You can heal your hormonal health and menstrual cycle without the Big Fertility System.


Beyond just learning the Fertility Awareness Method, your reproductive health is a deep well of highly valuable information about the health of your entire being - spiritually, emotionally, energetically, sexually, and beyond. Most adolescent and adult women are walking with the belief that their reproductive system is broken or imbalanced in some way, and that the medical system is the only path to healing it.

Whether you've been diagnosed with PCOS, endometriosis, or infertility - you can heal your cycle naturally, and with sacred reverence for your body throughout the entire journey. It starts with coming to know yourself intimately and understanding what a truly healthy, vibrant menstrual cycle can look and feel like.

Yes, woman: Your menstrual cycle can feel amazing.

It is time you learn how to lean in to the power of your ever-cycling body, and step away from the indoctrination that you can (or should) function like a man.

Society tells us that your cycle is something to be ignored, that your body can function just like a man's so long as you plug it up once a month, medicate away your chances of becoming pregnant, and eventually seek surgery when your womb is no longer functioning optimally.

Imagine a world where your life ebbs and flows physiologically with your female hormones, where you know how to live in alignment with each of your four phases, and where you access true magic every day of the month - even when you are bleeding. 


This program is for you if:

𖦹 You’re feeling broken and overwhelmed by your hormones
𖦹 You have symptoms related to your cycle that you’ve just learned to live with
𖦹 You know hormonal birth control is not a good option but struggle to find solutions that last
𖦹 You are acting like every day of your cycle is the same and not aligning with your female physiology
𖦹 You have been told that you have “unexplained infertility,” PCOS or endometriosis
𖦹 You’ve been living with PMS or PMDD and think it’s a normal part of being a woman
𖦹 You’re planning to conceive and want to step into full vitality as you prepare
𖦹 You are ready to stop outsourcing the health of your womb and hormones
𖦹 You want to awaken and explore the energetic, creative power of your womb
𖦹 You want real tools, techniques, and resources to take your hormonal health into your own hands
𖦹 You feel scared, confused, and worried that your period pain will never come to an end. (It can, sister.)

It's time to heal your hormones, embody your archetypal nature, and become a powerful woman on your terms.
Woman, you hold the power of creation within your body. You hold all the seasons, all the rhythms of nature within you. You deserve to honor your cyclical body with the highest respect and reverence.

This is your foundation for
sovereign womb wellness.

This course is the intersection of psycho-spiritual, energetic, and scientific, bodily hormone healing.
We journey through the wheel of the menstrual cycle, guiding you home to the power of female physiology.
You will access ancient wisdom, nutritional guidance for female physiology, and insights from the real lived 25+ years of combined experience from your guides and Blood Mysteries Experts, Nancy and Kristin.
Module 1
An Introduction to the Blood Mysteries

In this Introductory Module, you will learn the basics of The Blood Mysteries: what they are, why they are important, and what they signify in our lives as women. The "blood mysteries" of a woman's life are: being born, menarche (first bleed), first sexual encounter, giving birth, menopause (losing her blood), and death. Each major portal acts as a gateway into the energy of the next chapter of her life, and it is important that each is honored with respect and reverence. 

Module 2
 Inner Spring

The first of your four seasons, the "Inner Spring" module is about your follicular phase - the time period leading up to ovulation. This is also known as your Maiden Archetype. In this module, you will explore your Maiden persona through various exercises and self-explorations. You'll learn lifelong self care practices such as breast massage and vaginal steaming, and how to properly incorporate them into your wellness routines. The playful, lighthearted, and even naive energy of The Maiden holds magic that this module will teach you about.

Module 3
Inner Summer

The "Inner Summer" is your ovulatory phase, and it is marked by the Mother Archetype. Just as ovulation is expressive and holds the literal life-force of creation within, so does the Mother. She is vibrant, highly expansive, and attractive. She is ready for creating life. In the powerful energy of this module, you will find practices to support and harness the energy of The Mother, including information on physiologically supporting ovulation, how to do ovarian breathing and abdominal massage, and more.

Module 4
Inner Autumn

Your "Inner Autumn" is the luteal phase, or the days leading up to your menstruation. This phase is known as the Sorceress Archetype - she transmutes, changes, transforms, and prepares for complete release. She is a powerful archetype to work with regarding boundary-setting and finding confronting clarity. In this module, you will learn how to create a spiritually cleansing bath and how to utilize castor oil to support you in the luteal phase.

Module 5
Inner Winter

Finally, the "Inner Winter" is menstruation. This is your bleeding time, and it is signified by the Crone Archetype. During menstruation, you will feel a natural inclination toward rest, re-fueling your body, turning inward, reflecting more, being alone, etc. This is the energy of the Crone awakening within you. You will learn to harness her magic and find balance with her, as well as practical skills like womb-toning and eliminating endocrine disruptors from your life to support a healthy menstrual cycle.

Module 6
Integration and Further Resources

The last module of your journey is an integration module, where you will receive everything you need to go forth and apply all these tools, gifts, lessons, rituals, and practices into your daily life. You will be sent off into your new relationship with your cyclical nature, and given a final opportunity to reflect deeply upon the work you've done through Walking the Medicine Wheel Within.

Bonus Content:


Each phase of your cycle has vastly different requirements for physiological wellbeing and balance - even when it comes to food and herbal supplementation. In each module, you will receive a bonus guide on various herbal preparations to support you through that unique phase.

Bonus Content:


 The Fertility Awareness Method is the foundation of all this work, and in its growing popularity, many have become confused on how to actually utilize it. You will learn the FAM and get to practice using it in your own body so that you become confident in true sovereignty, preventing and calling in pregnancy entirely outside the system - or, simply getting to know your body and its biological cues better.

“Each time we make a turn in the wheel of our macrocosmic life cycles and/ or our microcosmic menstrual cycles, we are asked to shed a previous skin and step into a larger one, always becoming more and more of who we really are. When we aren’t aware of this internal map, we can easily miss these embedded rites of passage that are right under our nose.”

- Nancy Lucina

"Female physiology is resilient and designed to thrive - easy periods, lasting energy and years of fertile power are yours to have."

- Kristin Hauser

Self-paced trainings that are also included:

Ovarian Breathing as Self-Care

You’ll learn exactly how to do to what the taoists called one of the “secrets to immortality”- harnessing the potent energy in your ovaries. Through this technique you’ll be able to potentially reduce or eliminate ovarian cysts and increase overall well-being.

Breast Massage as Self-Care

In this guide you’ll learn a simple, yet powerful and very effective self-care practice that will help you to move stagnant energy, increase vitality and achieve more hormone harmony.

Bundle: Four Recorded Audio Meditations for Initiation and Ritual

These gorgeous, professionally recorded guided meditations include curated background music that is specifically designed to drop you into deeper brain wave states. These meditations are meant to accompany you throughout each phase of your cycle so that you can more easily be in right relationship with these phases.

Womb Toning as Self-Care

This is the perfect self- care practice to do during the premenstrual phase or menstruation to help you clear stagnant energy that is heavy to move. Women have reported that just with this practice alone, pain and inflammation during menstruation have reduced.

Spiritual Baths as Self-Care

You’ll learn how to apply an age-old practice that is found across many ancient spiritual traditions. This guide will teach you how to use water together with herbs and intentions to cleanse your auric body, preparing you to handle the pre-menstrual and menstruation phase with more grace.

Castor Oil Packs: Essential Womb Medicine

Learn how to work with the power of castor oil to heal longstanding period issues, support liver detoxification and create a more robust internal ecosystem - including reducing scar tissue and adhesions, improving immune function and so much more!

Abdominal Massage: Guided Practice

Learn how to practice self abdominal massage to improve digestion, decrease inflammation and pain and experience deep nervous system settling. This tutorial includes learning acupressure points on the abdomen for gut and hormone healing.

Complete Guide to Vaginal Steaming

Learn how to craft herbal steam blends and use steaming to heal the most common menstrual and hormone challenges. This guide includes video instruction and an herbal guide PDF so you understand how steaming works, get to know various steaming protocols and learn specifics about herbs for steaming.

Bundle: Acupressure Essentials for Your Cycle

Learn specific acupressure points to support each phase of your cycle and experience a deep, guided acupressure journey. Through these teachings, you’ll understand the basics of acupressure and know how to apply it for womb and hormone healing.

Additional recorded material included:

𖦹 An introduction to Chinese Medicine & your cycle
𖦹 4 sets of journal prompts, one for each season of your cycle
𖦹 A downloadable guide to eliminating endocrine disruptors from your home & life

Our students receive access to a comprehensive library of self-paced training programs taught by Nancy & Kristin, attuned uniquely to each phase of the menstrual cycle. 

Additional content is valued at $899. It's included in our course, and you'll get it all for $299, for life.


In this guide, you will:

  •  Transcend your menstrual medical diagnoses and hormone challenges
  • Learn everything you need to know to truly care for your female body throughout your cycling years and beyond 
  • Access concrete tools and techniques for addressing PCOS, endometriosis, irregular cycles, painful periods and PMS holistically at home
  • Embody new levels of confidence in understanding female physiology and the power of being a cycling woman
  • Come to know your womb as a source of wisdom and power
  • Align with the archetypes of womanhood so you can fully embody your soul essence

Walking the Medicine Wheel Within

Your Initiation into Womb Wisdom and Archetypal Alignment

Through this journey, you will learn to embody the power of each phase of your menstrual cycle while understanding the archetypal, energetic and physiological aspects of the medicine wheel within. You have a profound opportunity to enter this portal and re-write your initiation into womanhood, reclaiming your power and vitality along the way. 

This course includes modules related to each phase of the menstrual cycle, all of which correspond with a season and an archetype. In each module you will receive transmissions from Nancy and Kristin as well as guided practices for healing menstrual challenges and coming into greater alignment with your spiritual path as a woman. 

This journey is designed to guide you back to your inner knowing and help you build trust with yourself... so you can create your own unique path forward for healing - physically, emotionally, sexually and spiritually. 𖦹

Nancy Lucina

Nancy Lucina is a spiritual guide for women throughout the entire female continuum. She is a women’s circle leader, shamanic facilitator, sacred sound therapist, postpartum care provider, and mother of three. As a vibrant ceremonial leader in her community, she teaches women and coming-of-age girls about the intrinsic power of their cycles. She uses her gifts of voice, sound, sensitivity, and connection to Spirit to guide women worldwide to awaken their ancient deep feminine wisdom, embody the Wise Woman within, and live in truth and power in all areas of their lives.

Kristin Hauser

Kristin Hauser is an acupuncturist, herbalist, somatic sex educator, and mother of three.
 She works with women across the womb-cycle continuum to claim sovereignty and find lasting, sustainable healing and nourishment. In this program, Kristin will guide you through the scientific medicine wheel of your hormones! Healing her own menstrual challenges was her initiation into the blood mysteries and sharing of womb wisdom. Her journey and her extensive studies of Chinese Medicine, hormonal physiology, and somatic healing inspire her comprehensive and intellectual teaching style. 

“Women know how to heal. We know how to hold space for each other. Our physiology allows us to be skilled at co-regulation, collaboration and creating lasting vitality.”

- Kristin Hauser

“Reclaiming your relationship with natural, cyclical time allows you to remove your mind, body and spirit from destructive systems that are harming you and the earth.”

- Nancy Lucina

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