The Blood Mysteries School

Initiating You into the Sacred Secrets of Womanhood
There are deep, powerful secrets to your own sacred experience of womanhood, that no one in your life knew to tell you.
The time has come to awaken the wise woman within and claim your place in the professional space of holistic women’s health. 
We open doors once a year for this coveted life-changing initiation.

The Blood Mysteries School 

The Blood Mysteries School is a once-a-year opportunity for a select group of women to become highly immersed and deeply initiated into the secrets of the blood mysteries.

Coming to know these mysteries will support you in reclaiming your womb wisdom, in the form of sovereign cycle wellness, radical fertility, menstrual power, rite of passage shamanism, and how to translate your wisdom into supporting other women.

During our exclusive 8-week journey, you will walk the medicine wheel of your own menstrual cycle and learn the archetypes of womanhood as they align with your physiology, so that you may guide the women of your communities home to their own medicine wheels.

Learn from two of the most powerful teachers in women’s sovereign health...


How to claim the shamanism of holding sacred women-only spaces.


How to commune with the earth to harness natural female health.


How to blend science, physiology, and ritual to experience vibrant hormonal bliss.


How to live with deep awareness of all aspects of your fertility.


How to tap into rapid self-discovery and mastery through the blood mysteries of womanhood.


How to guide other women home to their own cyclical health and self-mastery.

You weren’t initiated into womanhood with reverence and care, but it’s not too late.

Join the secret society of women sharing ancient wisdom by the fire, and remember the power within your DNA that is waiting for you to harness it.  
Enrollment for the Blood Mysteries School is now closed. Be the first to know when we call women into our cave and begin the medicine wheel again.
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The Blood Mysteries School will transform your life:

"The Blood Mysteries School absolutely changed my life. The classes were so engaging that they felt more like women’s circles, full of remembering and grounded transmissions of ancient wisdom.” 

It’s time to harness the power of your blood mysteries.

"The Blood Mysteries School is so much more than a deep dive into hormonal physiology and teaching women how to thrive throughout our cycles— this sacred offering exudes the healing potency of a 4-month-long, continuous women’s circle.  Nancy and Kristin are perfectly balanced teachers who weave ceremony and science, making ancient tradition accessible to our modern lives. Through ceremonially imbued body literacy, they guided me home to my true essence, in wholeness."

– Kate Zwigard

"The Blood Mysteries School absolutely changed my life. I went from knowing nothing at all about my cycle and very little about my body or reproductive health to feeling fully embodied in my knowledge of my sacred and amazing female body. The classes themselves were so engaging that they felt more like women’s circles, full of re-membering and grounded transmissions of ancient wisdom. The bond between us students was, and is, nothing short of magical. I am forever changed by this incredible experience and am so grateful to be able to share the wisdom I gained from the Blood Mysteries School with my community."

- Hilarie Samie

When I signed up to join The Blood Mysteries School with Kristin + Nancy I really didn't realise just how much this journey would impact me personally. The depth of information they shared had me *truly* understanding my female body and energetics for the first time in my life. 

I would highly recommend this training to any woman - whether you are considering sharing this work with other women, or even if you just want to apply what you have learnt to yourself there is so much wisdom in here for everyone. "

– Carlee Modra