Tina’s Freebirth in Australia

birthing truth: a collection of freebirth stories Oct 20, 2021

My second son Tully was born free at home into my hands and surrounded by his papa and big brother after less than an hour of labour.

The wildest, most intense, humbling, and surreal experience of my life.

I still can’t put into words the significance of this experience and the lessons this wonderful new soul has taught me already.

Letting go of what I believe to ‘know’.

Fully trusting him, myself, and life.

Having deep trust and surrender to what is and what will be.

Accepting and embracing the unknown, the unpredictability, whilst knowing that my intuition will always guide me the right way.

All the answers to all my questions are nowhere to be found but within me.

And love, just abundant love. Love is everything. ❤️

I am an overthinker. Oh boy has he taught me to let go of that during the birth. There was no time and space to think, to analyse, to make a plan. It was just me and him, being on this journey together in the present moment. No way out. No thinking - just feeling.

Bringing this baby into the world at home on my own terms, without medical assistance, has been a given for me since the birth of my first son. And as much as I had to do a lot work to get there, it was also the simplest, most natural thing in the world. I can’t imagine it any other way.

Tully’s birth was not at all what I expected or envisioned. I looked back at my journal a few days post birth and had to laugh when I read the words ‘peaceful’ and ‘pure bliss & joy’ where I wrote about my dream birth. Wild, primal, intense and overwhelming (in the most positive sense) is probably more fitting. Now that the shock has worn off I can say I love it exactly the way it was - every second of it.


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