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birthing truth: a collection of freebirth stories Oct 19, 2021

I woke up around 2am over 41 weeks pregnant with contractions that kept me awake. They were about 15 minutes apart. I set up a space in the living room to try to relax and labor in. I laid blankets out on the floor, kept only a lamp on, and turned on Enya. I attempted to lay down on the couch and get some rest between the waves. Time seemed to be flying by. As the waves started getting closer, it was no longer comfortable to sit still or lay down. I rotated between walking around and hanging out on the toilet. The waves kept coming faster. I lost my mucus plug around 6:30 am with my contractions lasting only 5 minutes in between. I decided to call my sister to come in case my 2.5 year old woke up.

By the time my sister got here, my contractions were two minutes apart. I was walking around and doing deep belly moans through each wave. When my contractions were only a minute apart, I went to sit on the toilet and felt a lot of pressure and bulging. Through my mirror, I could see my water sac descending. He was almost here! Within 5 minutes, my water broke and he started to crown. I felt intense urges to push and as his head came out, I squatted at the edge of the toilet seat. With another push, his shoulders and the rest of his body came into the world. 


I pulled him up and we were both crying. I moved to the living room and sat on my pad of blankets to embrace my new baby boy. I started breastfeeding him and he latched on perfectly. My placenta was born about 15 minutes later. I was so in love and couldn’t wait for my oldest to meet his new baby brother. I had my sister wake him up and he wasn’t sure, but was definitely happy to meet Khalil!

My placenta was born about 15 minutes later. I left it intact for about an hour and my son helped me cut the cord. 

After hanging out for a while longer on the blankets, we had breakfast and the rest is history 💕


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