Leticia's Freebirth at 42+2

birthing truth: a collection of freebirth stories Oct 19, 2021

~Birth Story~ Complete UP + UC
No scans or doppler, assistance of any kind. Full intuition based and amazing.

Birthed 42+2

My contractions started at 11:15ish pm and started out consistently no more than 2 minutes apart. I labored until 2am before waking my husband and telling him I no longer wanted to labor alone, and I was unsure of when to get in the pool. He started to set up. I decided it was time. Once I got in, contractions continued to get more intense. Laboring til 5:30am. I started to question if I had made any progress at all. I kept reaching down to see if I felt babies head, as I was desperate to feel it. Contractions were so intense and started rolling over back to back. I said out loud “idk if I can do this” and I knew I was in transition.

I started to feel something move down, and then bulge out, wasn’t sure though what it was in the moment. I finally felt it come out more with FER. My body was practically vomiting the head out. Oh boy did that burn. I supported my perineum with both hands. Once the head made it out I instantly felt relief! And said “I’m almost done.” 3 more contractions and body was out. Wow, I cried. I did it! So empowering.

Birthed placenta no more than 15 minutes later. Which was also uncomfortable. More than I thought it would be. After though, I felt absolutely amazing. No tearing! Using the bathroom is a breeze. I am so in love.

I just wanted to give the biggest shout out to Freebirth Society. This group has been amazing and I am so grateful to have come across this beautiful community of women. I have always felt supported and empowered in this space. Whenever I had a question or needed a little comfort. I can’t even express how freaking amazing I feel. This has been truly the most powerful time of my life.

I feel so thankful to have followed my intuition in having an Unassisted pregnancy and Unassisted birth. I never felt pressured to do anything I didn’t want to do. And most importantly, my body got to run it’s natural cycle and birth my baby in the way it knew how đŸ’›


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