Birthing in Freedom and Power- Lyra's Freebirth Story

birthing truth: a collection of freebirth stories Aug 28, 2022

"I didn’t know the term freebirth or even that it was an actual practice until halfway through my pregnancy. When I first found out I was about 4 weeks pregnant, it came as a surprise to me and my then-separated partner. I was nervous, disappointed, angry, and hurt. My family had only ever expressed a negative perspective on pregnancy and I knew they would only fear for me.

Intuitively, I knew I didn’t want to attend a hospital or get checked out- and with a past history of pain and lack of support in the medical system, I felt more than justified in my decision in that first trimester. My partner supported me in whatever I felt was right.

By God’s will, The Free Birth Society appeared on my Instagram explore page and I felt my heart race as I read stories of empowered and faithful women birthing their babies in the most natural and comfortable way possible. I bought my Free Birth Society membership and just knew that was the only thing I wanted. No midwife, no doula; just me, my baby, and my partner.

It was a journey of faith and trusting in myself as I received so many unwanted opinions from friends and family, but I came out much stronger in the end.

We just freebirthed our baby girl in our bathroom on the 24th of November, and as I pushed her head and body out I felt the strongest light present within me and her. My body was created to birth freely, my mind was created to believe freely, and my heart was created to love freely, and bringing a new life into this world gave me the opportunity to live freely. Following my heart and intuition has never failed me before, and receiving my baby girl naturally and in Power is the biggest testament to that". - Lyra

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