The Freebirth of baby Dominic Immanuel

birthing truth: a collection of freebirth stories Oct 18, 2021
Only halfway thru my pregnancy is when I started having anxiety about birthing. It just got worse as the weeks went along. I started asking questions about home birth to a cousin that experienced it. She set me up with Facebook groups that were geared towards that. And in the last few months I knew I wanted a home birth.
According to most my birth with the last baby was good couldn't be better. But I didn't like the environment of a hopsital. Hated the bed..the cold..the smell..the noise..the other women screaming in pain..the moniters..the needles..etc...
That morning was super busy on the ward with about 13 babies born. So my husband and I had alot of the labouring alone and the nurses were good and allowed us to do what we felt was comfortable. But when it came to pushing the doctor didn't even bother to look at my birth plan. Made me go on my back with my back labour. Anyways I tore a bit but I was just mad about at the doctor and didn't even enjoy the moment the baby was put on my chest. It wasn't till 5 minutes later I didn't even think to check or ask if we had a girl or boy.
In the last couple months I was getting serious about a home birth, sadly it brought alot of strain between my husband and I every time we talked about it. He was only ok if we had a midwife or at the hospital with promises that he would put his foot down and make the doctor listen. 
Dec. 2nd sometime after 3am I was just really moody and couldn't sleep. I went to the living room and bounced on the ball and cried. I just didn't want to be pregnant anymore and yet I was scared of the pain of birth. I walked around the home and but too sore to do much from the chiropractor appointment from the day before. 
4:30 I woke up my husband and told him I already had 4 strong contractions about 5 minutes apart. They were the real deal but wasn't sure if it would last.
5:30 I called our baby sitter to come get our toddler. 6am my babysitter and girlfriend showed up. My gf was like a doula for me. My husband called his sister who was visiting at his parents an hour and a half away from us.
We got the jaccuzi tub filled up and to keep it warm we used pots off the stove. I laboured in the tub mostly on my knees and I knew I didn't want to get out. I think about 6:30 I was in transition and my water broke. 
My friend said I did amazing with knowing what I want like to drink or positions to move in. 
Even tho I really knew I wanted a home I started to fear the crowning. I stayed in a low kneeling position just enough that my belly was in the water and I pushed when I felt the urge. The pain of crowning was not like being on my back in bed. It still hurt a lot but not like the ring of fire.
Once the baby's head was out my husband started to panic and told me to push push push..and my friend reassured him that my body will tell me when to push. And next contraction the baby was put. Tim's sister arrived just as the head was crowning. 
When I got the baby on my chest first thing I did was check if it was a boy or girl. I couldn't stop laughing and crying at the surprise that it was a boy. I was expecting a girl cuz alot of people thought I was having a girl. 
My placenta didn't come till almost 3hrs later. We had our baby attached to the placenta for over 2hrs and then cut the cord so I could better move and massage my stomach. 
We went to the hospital early afternoon to cover our butts legally. My husband was in a emotional high all day and said never again in the hopsital. 

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