💫Birth story of Noah David 💫

birthing truth: a collection of freebirth stories Oct 18, 2021

Sunday, February 11th at 8am on the dot I woke up to pee. While on the toilet I had a very painful contraction that annoyed me more than anything because I thought there was no way today was the day. I was 39 weeks, 5 days pregnant with my 3rd baby, 2nd free birth, and this was the longest I'd ever been pregnant. My older boys came at 37+3, and 37+6 on their own, so I thought for sure this babe would be the same. 


I tried to lay back down but had 2 more painful contraction within 10 minutes. I decided to get a bath to try to relax; still not convinced this was the real deal. They died down while in the tub but were still more painful than the Braxton hicks I had been having since 35weeks. It was more of a pain in my cervix, and lower belly, and different from my other births. I got out around 10am, and they immediately became more frequent and painful. I woke up Tyler, my fiancé, and helped him get my birth space set up until it became too much to focus on. I started walked around outside in the 20 degree weather, and browsed through Facebook to get my mind off the pain. I was so hot, and nauseous the entire labor, and afterwards Tyler told me my whole body would go from dark red to purple during a contraction. 

I got back in the tub to get some relief around 10:30, and stayed in there for about 2 hours. Tyler fanned me, rubbed my back, and had to remind me several times to breathe, and relax. He's always been such calm, and amazing support through every birth. During this time both our older boys woke up, and Tyler got them set up with snacks, and cartoons. They are 2, and 3 years old, and had some what of an idea of what was happening. I finally got out of the bath tub around noon, and went into my birth space. It was in our living room but sort of blocked off to where my boys could see me the whole time but not get to me. I layed my chest on my birth ball for support, and labored on my hands and knees for several hours.  I stayed in this postion; swaying, puking, arching, meditating, until about 15mintues before he was born. All of the sudden everything stopped, and I got this overwhelming sense of calm. I felt like a million bucks; as if I wasn't in full blown at all. I told Ty, "I think my body is giving me a rest. He must almost be here." I never check my dilation. I never timed contraction.  But I knew he was close. I sat back on my heels, and stayed this way.  
This when I noticed my bag was bulging, and pointed it out to Ty. He was so excited, and started taking pictures of it when it popped a little but not a huge gush. He then started our up close video. I waited for my contractions to do the work, and fetal ejection reflex to take over like in my 2nd birth. I had one surge that pushed his head into my canal, but didn't force him all the way out like I thought it would.  So he was crowning for about 5 minutes or more, but I didn't want to push hard because I could tell I would tear if I did. I supported my perineum as Tyler reminded me to breathe, and I waited for another contraction to push him out. This was the most intense, and scary part of labor for me. It felt like forever I was stuck with his head almost out of me.  
At this time I look up, and see the sweetest image in front of me. Tyler was leaned over, camera in hand, and both boys were laying over his shoulders with an awe struck look on their face. I'll never forget how sweet it was.  I waited for the next contraction to push, then his head finally popped out with a big gush of water. He was facing my back, and began rotating forward right as he shot out onto the floor. It was 2:25pm when he came earth side. I suction out his airway with my mouth, and he let out a loud cry. 
The placenta came exactly 30 minutes later. I leaned over to throw up, and it plopped out. I immediately got a shower after that while daddy did skin to skin. Then he cleaned everything up, and took both older brothers to get us some food. No tearing, no excess bleeding, no issues whatsoever! The afterpains were just as bad as labor but only lasted about 12hrs. It was a much more painful labor than my other 2, and really showed me my own strength. 
I tried very hard this pregnancy to connect to my baby. I spoke to him, sang, envisioned him in my womb, and spent many hours of quiet peace praying with him. I can tell a true connection I've never experienced before despite the fact that I've always had natural, medication free births. I just knew how he would be before he got here, and he is 100% the baby I dreamed of. It was so fulfilling to have another amazing unassisted home birth!

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