A Reminder of How Beautiful and Sacred Life Truly Is

birthing truth: a collection of freebirth stories Apr 26, 2023

"I woke up with some back pains and some period-like cramps, but nothing too crazy. So we continued our day, went on our morning walk around the neighborhood, and ran several errands to prepare for groceries and last-minute birth supplies as we planned to give birth at home.


I kept experiencing these different sensations, but they were very manageable, and I could pretty much 'act like normal,' but now and then, they took my breath away and would make me stop and hold my back while walking.


Even though this wasn’t super consistent, something told me when we got home I should stay home and not take any more trips out of the house as this baby was probably coming soon. 


My body knew what it was doing, and I could tell it was preparing for birth. So I listened! 


This is where the REAL fun begins. 


Oddly enough, it was Labor Day, and I felt the birth process had truly started, although I didn’t really want to tell anyone. 


I wanted to remain calm and 'act' like I was still not in the process, as I’ve learned that true spontaneous childbirth can take up to several days to really get underway! 


I didn’t want to get too excited and mess with my mental fortitude.


It was a long day, and boy, was I feeling pretty defeated by this point.


But at the same time, I felt in good spirits, like everything was happening just how it was meant to. 


Nothing was wrong.

Nothing struck me as abnormal or dangerous.


I still had faith that my baby and body were intelligent and knew EXACTLY what they were doing. I had fully surrendered to the birth process and allowed it to take me where it needed to. I was more than ready to meet my baby!!


We had several candles lit, some string lights, and the sound machine was playing some relaxing ocean waves. We brought my large C-Shaped pregnancy pillow in there, and I continued to push while lying down with that.


I felt myself opening, expanding like never before.


Patience, surrender, and trust were KEY!! 


Thankfully, once I got to the pushing stage, it actually felt GOOD! I surprisingly enjoyed pushing. It felt very rewarding and productive.


It felt like I would push and make so much progress for a while, only to feel his little head go back inside me after the urge to push left me. It was slightly frustrating, but I could honestly tell that with every round of pushing, he was emerging more and more each time!


Once his head was out, it felt wild. Literally, like I was in the wild. I could feel him looking around, and Nate said he was looking up at the ceiling with his eyes wide open, breathing, happy, and healthy. 


We were almost there!!!!


I grabbed his slimy little body and took him straight to my chest. He was crying, pink, bloody, and beautiful. I couldn’t believe I was FINALLY holding our sweet baby.


Of course, we immediately realized he was a BOY - we had a feeling my whole pregnancy that he was a boy.


I loved being pregnant. 

I loved giving birth. 


I am immensely grateful for these precious gifts. 


My sweet son will always remind me how beautiful and sacred life truly is."


- Meagan

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