Keeping the Field Clean with Layla Verbance

January 29, 2021

Layla Verbance is a free-birthing mama who is well versed in walking the road from confusion to clarity in pregnancy, birth, and mothering. She counsels & guides mothers on a daily basis through her personalized ‘Motherhood Coaching Series,’ into permanent peace of mind and remembrance of one’s own authority, power, and ability to create.


Her passion is to make readily available beneficial tools and information that encourage mothering as a spiritual path of awakening and evolution.  Today, Layla speaks of the journey that brought her from a wild, “jungle-y” pregnancy, to a fierce, protective mother  at the center of her family. She discusses “keeping the field clean” with her children and partner, separating fact from story, and how believing our thoughts is at the root of all suffering.


Layla’s message is one of hope and belief in a powerful, creative force that runs through us all and connects us to each other and the universe.


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