Craving Your Village?

Welcome to the 
Free Birth Society

Autonomous Pregnancy
Ecstatic Independent Birth
Joyful Connected Mothering

This is what you love, what you believe in, and who you are.

Whether you’re
planning on becoming pregnant in the future,
on the cusp of your home birth or freebirth,
in the midst of nurturing your newborn,
or mothering your wildling kids...


​​If you're working as a doula, radical birth keeper or independent midwife...

You probably feel like something is missing.

And that’s because
something IS missing,
​​​​​​​for almost all of us. 

Our lines of ancient wisdom have largely been broken.

The good news though, is that
​​​​​​​YOU are the missing link.

You have been chosen to transform the trajectory of your family;
to heal the fractured lineage of women’s wisdom in your community,
and to change your children’s lives and your own.

Join us in our uniquely exceptional, exclusive private membership network.

 Why Join Our ​​​​​​​Private Membership?

So many of us who want to follow the freebirth, home birth, wild mothering
or birthkeeper path have unanswered questions as to how to navigate these life
passages as confident, connected women.

If you were a member of the Free Birth Society’s Facebook group, our Radical
BirthKeeper’s group, or our Wild Mothering group, you probably had a taste of the
kind of warmth, positivity, wisdom and sharing that’s possible within virtual spaces.

Especially early on, those groups were magical:  Finally—a community of likeminded
mothers, with shared objectives, and a desire to learn, grow, and to exchange
knowledge and insight.

But it soon became clear that mainstream social media platforms are NOT conducive
to the creation of long-term, deep-hearted community.

When those groups started to grow, the energy within and around them shifted, and
the nature of the community changed.

We realized that in order to preserve the safety, security, trust and beauty of those
communities, we needed a new space, a new format, and a new approach.

We are thrilled to welcome you to the official
Free Birth Society.


You're Probably Wondering...

What is this private network?
How does it actually work?

Once you have applied and gone through our rigorous (but necessary!) vetting process
(which will include a real-time interview with one of our team members),
you will be granted access to a brand-new, proprietary social media space.
  Download the app for your phone (if you want to) and you're ready to go.
It's $108 non-refundable annual fee.
*Please note: your credit card will be auto-renewed annually. To cancel your subscription you will need to email us at prior to your auto-renewal payment. We will not be able to accommodate refund requests.

Safety & Privacy

Security, safety, and privacy are of the utmost importance to us.

We have spent countless hours devising a method by which we can create a true community in the online world; one that is based on trust, security, safety and mutual respect.

We are committed to making the Free Birth Society network the kind of space that will serve the highest good for our community: one that is as safe as possible, private, secure, and uncensored--where you can feel free to share your photos, your stories, your self.

We are over the moon to welcome you to Free Birth Society's own private network. 
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