About Yolande

Yolande Norris-Clark’s passion and mission in life is to dispel the myth that childbirth is an ordeal from which women must be “delivered”, and to celebrate the reality that birth is biologically designed to be ecstatic, delightful, joyous, and beautiful: a catalyst for self-love, healing, and insight, as well as the formative first step on the path to peaceful parenting.

It’s her conviction that women who are awake and birthing their babies in power will change their own lives, and the world.  Yolande recently gave birth to her eighth baby, who, like his siblings, was freeborn at home.

She is the author and co-creator of Free Birth Society’s highly acclaimed online course, “The Complete Guide to Freebirth”, and her book, “Wild Pregnancy, Free Birth: A Guide to Manifesting Your Ecstatic Homebirth” is being published by Free Birth Society.

A compassionate and sought-after coach, Yolande has supported many hundreds of women and families all over the world in establishing the tools, mindset, and perspective that result in peaceful birth and connected mothering.