About Yolande

Hi there.  Wonderful to meet you. 
I’m Yolande, and my mission in life is to share and celebrate the truth about birth: contrary to what we have been led to believe through cultural messaging and medical fear, we are made to give birth and to be born. Not only that, but birth is biologically designed to be the most profound experience of ecstasy, love, power and beauty in our human experience, and that it is in the unnecessary interference with this physiological design that we distort the outcome of birth and endanger women and babies.  
The result of the sabotage of birth has reverberations that run through every area of our collective culture and psyche.
My own first pregnancy and subsequent home birth almost 18 years ago, was an initiation into what felt like a secret society of women who know these deep but hidden truths.
I came to recognize that I had a sacred undertaking to open this secret, and to share the power of birth as the portal to one of the most profound experiences of awakening and connection available to human beings, and also that birth itself is the foundation for global peace.  Peaceful babies, happy mothers, connected parenting, and even healthy relationships and marriages—all of this is intricately connected to the birth process.  
Women who are awakened and birthing their babies in power will change the world. 
I eventually went on to give birth to 7 babies, and for my last 5 children, I chose free pregnancy, and freebirth--caring for my body holistically, and birthing at home with only my family and/or non-medically trained friends present for emotional support. 
My work as a wild birth educator has led me to support thousands of other women who have chosen a similar path--first as a full-spectrum birth attendant witnessing births throughout my community, and now as a birth coach and consultant, working with women and families all over the world, writer, and podcaster.