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Birth Trauma Processing and Healing: 2 Sessions

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*Please note: Emilee is on maternity leave September 1st 2022 and will begin seeing clients again in the new year, January 2023. Any sessions booked now will be scheduled for the new year.


Did your birth experience leave you feeling hurt, unhappy, unsatisfied, abused, or even questioning yourself? Is there a part of your birth that didn't feel good - that you can't stop thinking about?

I am here to help you unpack your story, to deeply listen and validate your truth, and offer any insights that may feel beneficial.

It is so important to the processing of your birth that you tell your story to someone safe who knows how to hold you. 

The days and weeks (even months and years!) following your birth may be full of new emotions, thoughts, and adjustments, and having someone whose not only been there, but able to be loving, neutral, and supportive, can go a long way. 

This session can be done at anytime after having your baby. I am here to offer loving guidance to help you heal and move forward. 

All subsequent sessions beyond the sharing of your birth will be focused on applying the tools of Conscious Leadership to support you in taking radical responsibility for your life and the life you want to create moving forward. 

You can transmute your trauma into your greatest power, and I'm here to offer tools that can light the way.

This is for TWO 60 minute sessions and will be done over Zoom.